Jubilee cut diamond?

Nov 3, 2006
jubilee's are gorgeous!

excerpt written by a jeweler who sells them:

A Name with History

The Jubilee gets its name from the famed Jubilee diamond which was first mined back in 1895 and was a whopping 650 carats! After cutting (to a cushion shape) finished out at a rather impressive 245ct colorless diamond and ranked as the 6th largest in the world. It is reported that the proportions and symmetry on this old cut were so precise (for it's time) that you could stand the diamond up and balance it on its culet. The new Jubilee is not a cushion shape but will set it's mark in the history of diamond cutting as the first true square shaped Hearts & Arrows square exhibiting the finest and rarest optical properties to be introduced in a truly square shaped brilliant cut diamond.

A Brief Synopsis of the Facet Structure of the Jubilee

The Jubilee is a brilliant cut diamond that is faceted similar to the round in many regards but in a square shape.

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