JT's new song -- I love it - do u ??

  1. Have you see it, here is the video
    musicbox beta: videos by SONY BMG

    I am in love :heart: and he is such a good dancer :yahoo:
  2. I wonder if he wrote that song for Carmen....
  3. That's going to be my favorite song for 2006/07
  4. What's up with that weird first part? Was it a prelude on the song before it? It wasn't on the Cd and I don't like it. Anyways, I love this song. If you like this song, you should get the album, it's greatttt. I listen to it everyday in the car!
  5. I'm showing my age! I saw "JT" and us older types who are James Taylor fans call him JT lol!
  6. The first part of the song is a prelude that's on the CD that I could have done without on the CD and the video. Otherwise, I love the song.
  7. he is sooo talented in every aspect, but i'm not to sure on his acting, i haven't seen the movie he made with bruce wilis.
  8. loooooooooooooove it ... he's gifted :heart:
  9. yeah the prelude part is on the cd. It's not attached to that song though but the song before it.

    I love it though
    his whold cd is realyl good
  10. Yes, this song is excellent! I play it all the time.
  11. its a really good song
  12. :wlae: he dances realli well!
  13. I love it, it's so catchy :wlae:
    I just love his new CD & the collaborations are :heart: .

  14. oooh! love it!
  15. Love it, I think it is my favorite song on his album