JT and Cam Confirm Breakup Rumors

  1. It's official: Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are bringing "SexyBack" on the single’s market.

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    That's too bad.. they were a cute couple!
  2. I have to give it to gossip magazines. They are good.
  3. I read today that Justin is dating Scarlett Johansson - have no idea if the rumor is true.
  4. well cameron deserves someone better....
  5. Cameron and Jude should get it on.
  6. well..."What goes around...comes around" :jammin:
  7. awhhhhh, Im truly sorry to hear that...I dont know why! They seem really in to each other.
  8. Britney is free....I wonder if they'll hook up again.
  9. I Totally agree
  10. I thought they were a great couple! oh well someone better for cameron will come along
  11. I hope Cameron and Jude get together also! especially after I read he was gushing about her...

    Justin sucks...
  12. Wow...what next!
  13. WHAT HAPPENED?!?!? I am a bit saddened by this. They were such a good couple. Oh well... another one bites the dust.
  14. Why do people want him and Britney back together? :confused1:
  15. They are hoping he'd bring Britney back :smile: