JS Pump 120 Black Suede... HELP PLEASE

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  1. HELP...:sos:I just received this and I am not 100% sure I should keep them... I bought them online but I tried them on at Barney's this weekend and wasn't set due to too much toe cleavage:Push:... These are cut similar to the new Rolandos which BTW I returned a pair recently because the toe box for my right foot was too small...

    Should I keep:tup: or return:tdown:?:shrugs:


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  2. If you're not 100%, you should probably return them! The toe cleavage looks right for that type of toe box. How do they feel on you?
  3. they're very pretty and look really nice on you. i'm not a big toe cleavage person- which is why i stay away from some cl styles. i guess it depends on you- how do you feel about them? are they comfy? how does the toe box feel on these?
  4. Hey C! I'm not too sure about those either. They're cute but they look kind of short at on toe from the arial shot lol! They're not too bad from the side though... I think you could probably find something that you love more though if you're questioning them now. I love your flats btw!
  5. Oh I do love my friends on here!! :hugs:Thanks so much... they feel OK...I do like them but I don't love them (if that makes sense)... I wanted to know what you guys thought and I think I will return them....Part of my resolution is to buy CL's that are practical..... I think I would wear these once in a while...

    Sorry Barney's these babies are going back to you....:tpfrox:

    Thanks again guys
  6. Is that silver piping on them?

    They don't really "sing" to me ... do they sing to you?
  7. Legal Yeah its silver and they are not singing to me at all... I was thinking maybe someone on here can convince me but am glad we all have the same feel about this shoe...no wonder Barney's had a ton left over this weekend....
  8. Good decision :tup:

    Kinda cute but CLs need to do better than that :yes:
  9. if there is no singing at all.....they should go back....buy something else that you will fall over when you see them on.
  10. if these don't melt ur heart then these aren't meant for u.
  11. I love them. They are not a must-have for me, but I think they look spectacular.
  12. if ur heart doesnt skip a beat n u dun get butterflies send them back hun x
  13. Sounds like they won't make u truly happy ...