JS Lost her voice?

  1. I'm not sure if this was posted before!

    Simpson struggling with throat problems Jessica Simpson has been struck down with "throat trouble" as she prepares to launch her latest album. The pop star/actress has reportedly cancelled a series of promotional commitments after losing her voice in New York. American publication In Touch claims Simpson, 26, has been forced to cancel appearances on US TV shows and is currently seeking help from a voice coach. Simpson's problem is reportedly so severe she has been told to resist talking or risk ruining her voice permanently.A source tells the magazine that the singer has been using a note pad and pen to communicate with friends and colleagues.
  2. I heard she had a bruised vocal cord and that she busted a blood vessel on her vocal cord. Whatever the case, something serious happened. I just wish she would stop talking so much and stop trying to sing. She really could do permanent damage, but she's steadily plowing along.