JS and her new man

  1. Jessica Simpson's New Man: John Mayer

    TUESDAY AUGUST 29, 2006 06:45PM EST

    Mayer and Simpson in 2005 Photo by: Lester Cohen / WireImage[​IMG]
    Jessica Simpson is embarking on a not-so-public affair – with singer-songwriter John Mayer, PEOPLE has confirmed.

    "She's tiptoeing back into the dating world," a source tells PEOPLE. "It's the first stage. She's never been happier."

    Mayer, 28, began a co-headlining tour with Sheryl Crow on Aug. 24, and Simpson, 26, is expected to attend his concert in Jones Beach, N.Y., on Wednesday night.

    Simpson is currently in New York promoting her new album, A Public Affair, which was released Tuesday – although a bruised vocal cord has quashed any planned performances. Similarly, Mayer had to cancel his Hartford, Conn., appearance with Crow on Saturday due to laryngitis, the Associated Press reported.

    The two singers have known each other for several years and last year both attended Clive Davis's pre-Grammys party in Beverly Hills.

    Although Simpson has been linked to Jared Leto and her Employee of the Month costar and Teen Choice Awards cohost Dane Cook, Simpson has not officially dated anyone since her November 2005 separation from Nick Lachey.
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    Jessica Simpson, who's suffering from a bruised vocal cord, gets a stylish boost as she departs her New York City hotel for MTV's TRL on Tuesday. "I sound like a donkey, hee-huh," she squeaked to the audience, but said she'll still celebrate at her album's release party later that night. Perhaps the Public Affair singer will bring a date – John Mayer?
  3. I'm very dissapointed in John, he seems so smart. I guess he's just a regular guy and wants the arm candy despite no brains.
  4. they do not seem to match? but who am I to judge them.. if they like each other.. go ahead...
  5. ick. they look horrible together. hes so dweeb and shes so hawt. noo offence to john mayer fans!
  6. That's one odd couple... wanna take bets on how long this will last? :rolleyes:
  7. I thought he was w/ someone else recently. . . ?
    Now I have to try and remember who!
  8. less than a month.
  9. I think they all want to HIT that. She's going to go through men like candy for the next while.
  10. gross
  11. Yea I saw this on People, they seriously have to be the most random couple ever.:shrugs: I laughed so hard, something about the two of them together is just hilarious. It made much more sense when she was supposedly with Dane Cook...both really kooky. But hey if you like someone, you like someone.
  12. I think Jessica just wants to date someone bc Nick is in a high profile relationship. It's obviously a rebound relationship, a desperate attempt to not freak out so much whenever she sees Nick in public. I also think it's to boost record sales for John & herself & be in the spotlight. Seems like her popularity kinda took a hit after divorcing Nick.
  13. that's one very odd couple!:shrugs:
  14. 3-6 months if that.:roflmfao:
  15. Totally agree with you on this one.