JPG vs. 35 cm Birkin, Pros and Cons

  1. Would you shares your thoughts about the pros and cons of JPG and 35 cm Birkin, in terms of weight, size, style, and anything else?
  2. definitely you can't carry the 35 cm over the arm like the jpg...unless you have thin arms (which i don't!) he he he.

    but i've heard the jpg is pretty heavy also...
  3. i suggest you try on both for size, compatibility & weight.

    personally i prefer the jpg over the 35. but that's just me.

    the 35 has interior pockets. and is used primarily as a handheld (unless you have skinny arms, of course). the design is classic. and this style is a bit easier to find in the stores these days.

    the jpg can be worn as either a handheld or shoulder bag. but it does not have any interior pockets. the design was introduced two years ago & is a tad harder to find than the regular birkins.

    good luck! i'm sure whichever bag you choose will be stunning.
  4. The weight doesn't bother me. No pockets did. Until I purchased a purse organizer. Helps a lot.
  5. keep the comments coming. I REALLY want a jpg next but I do not want to wait forever then wish I had just gotten another 35 birkin. I doubt if I will ever be able to try on both to compare considering the jpg are avaialbe once in a blue moon
  6. I have 3 35s and 1 jpg have to say my jpg is rarely used dont know why just aint loving it as much as i thought i would ...:push:
  7. I've only tried the JPG once. I could only carry it on my shoulder with its body behind my shoulder (If you can imagine it horizontal to your back). It's too wide to leave hanging down under my armpit. I would say a 35cm is very classic and definitely the better investment.
  8. I don't have a 35cm to compare the two, usability wise, but will give my .02 worth regarding JPG: I use JPG mainly for travel now and on days when I know I will be out ALL day and need to have everything but the kitchen sink with me. Even though the bag is meant to be a shoulder bag, I rarely carry it on my shoulder (so for those looking for a shoulder bag, I think you need to look elsewhere as I don't think JPG Birkin is a true shoulder bag. Again, this is JMHO.). It's not that heavy (I have bags that are heavier than JPG when empty) but on days I have it stuffed with papers, etc., I do notice the weight. HTH.:smile:
  9. i think it really just boils down to personal taste. i've had mine for a couple years now and am not perturbed by the weight nor lack of pockets. in fact, i fall in love w/ it all over again everytime i use it... but that's just me.:p
  10. ^^hermes-lemming, do you usually carry the jpg handheld or shoulder?
  11. I've also had JPG birkin for a couple of years and I really really love it.
    I carry it both handled and on the shoulder, but I like it much better on the shoulder.

    Weight: It is heavy, indeed, but not THAT heavy. What happens to me is that when I have to wear it all day long for several days (for instance if I travel), the first day I think it's very practical, on the second day I start feeling it's a bit heavy, and at the end of the third day I decide on the fourth day I'll go either with a lighter bag or empty handed, I can't stand it anymore. But please note that I have a very disappointing tendency to stuff it with anything one would need to go camping. The same thing happens (maybe even worse honestly) with my 40s.

    I might add that the lack of indide pockets IS very uncomfortable (small items inside bumping from one side to the other), but the bag is so beautiful I forgive Gaultier for having designed it that way.

    I wouldn't choose it as a one and only bag, but considering that you already have two others, I think it could be a good next purchase.

    I unfortunately don't have any 35birkin to compare it to, I only have 30s and 40s.

    A 35 cm IS a much safer and classic purchase, but I think you should choose the one between the two that you like better. Since it's your third H bag, go where your heart goes!
  12. I would agree. It's shape, it doesn't just sit under your arm. You kind of push it back. Does that make sense? Whenever I wear it, I always have at least one person ask about it. If you don't put your things in an organizer things roll around in the bag. It isn't as tall as a 35, so you don't put tall papers in it, at least not upright. I'm glad that I have one, but it isn't the bag that I always go back to. One other thing, it's straps are so short, if you have on a bulky sweater, or jacket that has longer arm holes, you will probably wear it in your hand.
    * I found the organizer from a fellow tpf-er. It has really been a great addition. I was always hearing the stupid phone ring, and by the time I found it, it was in voice mail.

  13. HM, don't get me wrong - I LOVE my JPG dearly.:love: I don't think I would ever part with it. Lack or pockets and it's weight don't bother me either and I completely agree with Golden's Mom, I always get comments from people when I wear it.:yes:

    I also find that people either LOVE it or HATE it.
  14. That much is true, whereas just about EVERYBODY loves the regular birkin, the JPG is either loved or hated. I found that too.
  15. Rockerchic, I usually wear it as a hand-held. And I agree w/ HA & TT, people either love it or hate it.