JPG soon to be discontinued....

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  1. A little info from on mf my SA who usually gives me all the H gossip about new sizes etc...
    The JPG is going to be discontinued! So stores have them now.. but they are planning to not make them anymore... It was always too big for me.. but it looked SO good on other "taller" people...:crybaby:
    Oh well... anyway thought I'd share this information, maybe you all have heard something.. But I might just buy one as a collectors item now that I know it'll be obscolete in a few years... :sad:
    Also, she crushed my dream which was that I had heard they were making a new (more manageable) size JPG... she said it's not going to happen either:sweatdrop:
  2. Oh noes! Now I'm torn between keeping the SOed JPG and pursuing bags I love more :sad:
  3. Nooooooo~~~ Ok, now I'm REALLY depressed :crybaby: This has just been one crappy week ...
  4. Dumb question...what does JPG stand for????
  5. Perja, hi!:yes: I know what you mean!:shame: (actually I don't know what SOed means.. just learning.. let me know ). What to do?
    In one way I love the "idea" of a Birkin that fits over your shoulder.. you know tehy USED to actually special order you a Birkin with slightly longer handles.. and also they used to take special orders for a birkin shoulder strap and hooks.. but there are bags I want more now..
    Will it be like the special ed. LVs that are impossible to get now? ... I'm torn.. there's a pure white JPG at the store near me.. and I'm well really thking about it...:crybaby:
  6. Jean Paul Gaultier, the person who designed it. Argh, this is just really making me sad
  7. CPH, JPG are the initials for Jean Paul Gaultier, Hermes's Women's RTW new designer ( after Martin Margiela) anyway he designed the elongated baguette type Kelly and Birkin bags a for his first Hermes runway show... the bags weren't even "meant" to be made and sold.. they were just props for the show which had an equestrian theme ( so it looked great with the Whips and stuff) anyway... response to the bag was SO great Hermes actually had them made! That's the story... hope I helped explain :yes:
  8. Thanks, sorry I am so ignorant! You all know everything!
  9. On the board, "SO" means special order!
    But a lot of other places use "SO" to mean significant other - LOL, although having a significant other Hermes isn't a bad thing!! :P
  10. Discontinue the JPG shoulder birkin?! This is the worst news all week!

    What is it going to be? A collectors' item or an obsolete bag down the road? What do the Hermes expert say?
  11. awww - I'm the only one here that thinks this is good news, obviously.... if they discontinue the Himalaya.....well.....I'll just slit my wrists!
  12. ... Perhaps this means more production hours for Birkins and others?
  13. ^ I hope so
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: GF u r one hell of a funny person :lol:

  15. thanks BB!!

    ...I'm actually waiting to get shot down in flames by the JPG lovers......*ducking and weaving*.....