JPG shoulder birkin pricing???

  1. does anyone know the current price list for the JPG shoulder birkin after the feb. 2007 price hike???

    TIA! :smile:
  2. I would love to know also. I hope this will be my next bag
  3. 8550.00:shocked: There so expensive! I would :love: to have one!
  4. they are!

    just checked with our local H store and it is $ 8550 before tax.

    fleur - they haven't had any JPG shoulder birkin for awhile.....:sad:
  5. pazt, are you thinking of getting one? :amuse:
  6. no, i have a couple but those were bought over a year ago - a friend is out of the country trying to compare prices for this bag overseas vs. stateside!

    no more JPG shoulder birkin for me :sad:
  7. Am just curious how much did they cost before the price hike
  8. US$8050.00 back in February 2006.
  9. Oh if she find it, let her grab it.. maybe next year the prices will be even higher!! :sweatdrop:
  10. I think I paid about 8,000.00 for mine. It's a couple of years old though.
  11. Bought mine in August and it was $8050 before taxes! Sheeesh...the price hike is a good one!!!
  12. Prices are higher in Asia.

    Sep2006 > S$13,700 ~ US$9,000 :sad:
  13. yeah - after conversion, the price came out to be $ 9700. geez!
  14. pazt, are you converting my S$ price to US$? The exchange rate is US$1 = S$1.52. So it's US$9,000 approx.
  15. mrss - unfortunately, that was just the figure I got thru a text message. wasn't sure how that amount came about.