JPG Kelly

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  1. Hi All -

    Sorry, I am a newbie here!!

    I am going to Paris in June. Will the JPG Kelly be easy to find? Are they available in different leathers?

    What is the cost of the JPG Kelly in a leather (not suede) - probably box (but I wouldn't mind a Togo in a fun, bright color) in Paris? Is it worth waiting for?

    Many thanks!
  2. The only two I've seen in person have been evergrain and were $3200 USD. :shame:
  3. One of the SA's with an eye out for me almost scoffed when I asked about the JPG. She seemed none too happy about my indecision between that and a Kelly (or Bolide). She reeeeeally tried to steer me away from them... for what thats worth. :supacool:
  4. Really ^^ I wonder why!? I have a Kelly and would like a Bolide or JPG Kelly. Hmmm... food for thought!

    Thank you both!!
  5. My jpg kelly os in evergrain and i think it was 2400.00 euros but may be wrong!!I try to forget how much i spend in hermes i even lie to myself !!!
  6. If ANYONE SEES a JPG please PM me and I'm all over it!!!! :wlae:
  7. I have been looking for awhile... they do show up on eBay every so often! Good luck!
  8. You too! Clearly though, it'll have to be referred - my SA is NOT about to offer one up lol :yucky:
  9. newbie here, whats a jpg kelly?
  10. Hi,

    A kelly box in France is one of the most exclusive choice;)
    it costs 4500 euros (a souple leather is 3500 euros) like epsom and courchevel which are the most expensive (except crodcodile and ostrich of course). Wish you to enjoy your stay in Paris and find your kelly :yahoo:

  11. hi
    you are talking about Kelly Flat, right?
    since this Spring Summer, Kelly Flat is floating in the store of Fauborg, though it is never on shelf but harmness to ask the sales...according to my lasy visit a month ago, it comes mostly in a new leather veau swift as it needs a leather that is soft and foldable, it cost euro 4900. hope you can find it!
  12. I asked about the folding Kelly too. My SA wasn't too keen on it. She said that it either has to be folded or stuffed. Otherwise, it is floppy.
  13. never mind-i know now!
  14. ^^ is is the pochettee?? if yes ive seen it in several colors at FSH Paris.. blue jean, rouge h, brown, black.. matte croc... but the ones that are really limited are glazed croc.. that is pure luck