JPG Kelly questions

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  1. I've been thinking about the JPG Kelly for quite a while and after LV_Addict's thread I am thinking about it even more! :nuts:

    I'd love to get all of your opinions on a couple of points:

    Do you think Black with PH would be a good way to go for a day into evening clutch? I really want to be able to take it out for lunch or dinners/dates/events. I think I really want either box or evergrain/evercalf (not sure which it comes in.)

    Would you use one of the smaller cadenas (elephant or pegasus or something else) on it, or would it not be a good fit? :shrugs:

    Thanks! :shame:
  2. :devil:
  3. I'm obsessed!!!! :sweatdrop:
  4. CB, that is so funny! I was thinking of using my pegasus cadena on my JPG (when it arrives)!:nuts:
    I do think that black w/PH is a great day to evening combo! I was always more of a gold HW person but after I got my first H bag with PH, I just LOVE PH!!!:love:well.
  5. Do u mean the kelly pouchette ??
    The lizard one I have ?

    I think its a fab dinner clutch. Posh Spice has a nice black one with ph :yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. Katy, your lizard mini Kelly is TDF!!!:drool: :love:
  7. :yes: Love yours katy! LV, it just hit me...I have no small bags other than a Recital and I am always wishing I had a little something in black for evening or when I don't want to carry a lot (which is often) and I want a Kelly so....a Kelly clutch would be the best of both worlds. :sweatdrop:

  8. Its a great purse !
    I saw one in suede before, so pretty !!!!

    Hope you get one soon, remember to post pics :yahoo: :yahoo:

  9. Thank you :P

    But I don't use her enough so she doesnt get to go out much :confused1:
  10. I won't be able to get it until summer, well maybe for my b-day in April. :graucho: I just think it would look so cute with a white shirt, jeans, heels and a black Hapi MM bracelet. :amuse:

  11. I think so too :P

    What leather are u getting ?? Box will be TDF :drool: :drool:
  12. I saw one in SF but I can't remember if it was evergrain or evercalf...I think it was evercalf. :love: Box would also be gorgeous!
  13. How many dif. types of leather JPG Kelly was produced in? Does anyone know? TIA.:flowers:

  14. I've seen it in croc, lizard, ostrich, suede, a smooth soft leather (maybe swift ??). Thats all :P
  15. I think I'm going to skip Bolides altogether and get a lizard JPG Kelly! This is coming from someone who has absolutely NO occasions to go out ...