JPG Kelly Pouchette?

  1. Has the JPG Kelly Pouchette been discontinued? How easy is it to get a JPG Kelly Pouchette? What would you choose - leather or exotic?
  2. Here's a picture of it that I just saw in the "Asian Women & their birkins" thread.

  3. I keep hearing from the gals on this board that they are still around. I own one in black veau evergrain leather but would LOVE to get my hands on one in black croc!:nuts:

    It's one of my favorite H bags.:love:

    Doesn't it look GORGEOUS as an evening clutch?!:drool:

    Kelly.jpg Croc JPG Kelly.jpg
  4. ^^ Ooooo ... very good of you to keep these pictures! Yeah! It looks absolutely gorgeous as an evening clutch! Thank you, H Addict! You have helped me make up my mind with these pictures!:yahoo:
  5. I don't think it's discontinued. I saw a lot of pochettes at the stores lately in lizard and in matt croc. Funnily enough, I haven't seen one in shiny croc.

    Thre was a lizard in a color similar to braise at my H boutique before Christmas and it was fabulous.
  6. How much are the Kelly pouchette bags? I absolutely love it:love:
  7. Question - would it be better to have a matte croc since there will be alot of handling? Glazed would look absolutely gorgeous :yes: but would land up with loads of finger prints. What say you???? :confused1:
  8. that's one of my all time favorite bags! so elegent!
  9. Oh MAN.....I'd like to get my hands on one of these little beauties.....Croc all the way, MRSS!!!!!
  10. yes, shopmom I hear you, but matte OR glazed? I love glazed but as a clutch, it just might get too many finger prints! Would the oils from our palm make this bag lose its glaze faster? Sorry, if these questions are starting to sound silly ....
  11. WOW! There's a H treasure trove in La Van's neighbourhood! How great is this!
  12. Mmm .. difficult! It depends on the color you want since I've been told that only certain colors look good in matte such as brown or black.
  13. ^^La Van, colours aside i.e. looks aside, which is more practical as a clutch? Or it does not matter at all?
  14. I saw one in Hermes George V.. rouge h glazed.. gorgeous!!

    Mrssparkles.. You should get one in shiny crocodile.. they're gorgeous and timeless!! Im searching for one in black crocodile but shiny..
  15. Practicality aside, I love glazed crocodile as it is just fabulous!!!