JPG Kelly has just arrived!!!

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  1. OK! I must admit that it is MUCH smaller than I expected but I LOVE her nonetheless!!! It is such a FABULOUS lunch/dinner clutch!!! Or even "taking kids to the movies" clutch for that matter! I can't stop staring at it!!!:nuts: It is SO SOFT (VEAU EVERGRAIN)!!! The bottom line is, I AM THRILLED!!!:yahoo:

    JPG Kelly:


    32cm next to JPG:


    Attached Files:

  2. I LOVE IT, LV!!!!!! It's fantastic!!!!! Isn't that Evergrain so soft and pliable???? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Oh I love it!!! Where is this from? I think this would be so great as a run around w/ errands bag - albeit a pricey errand bag!!

  4. sooo cute!
  5. CUTE BAGGY, LV!!!! Congrats! I want one too!!!:love:
  6. I LOVE it too :drool: :drool: :drool:

  7. Congrats, Irene. She is gorgeous!
  8. Thank you, shopmom!!! Yes, it is SO soft!!! I LOVE it!!!

    addicted, thank you!!! She is from a FABULOUS eBay (again!!!) seller (lghyams)!!!:love: I couldn't wait so I had her overnight it to me!!!:nuts: I am going away for the weekend to a wedding and she will come handy there!!!:graucho:
  9. have really moved along on your collection. Congratulations!!!

    Just lovely.:love:

    We now know who is an H-Addict!
  10. pazt, Moviegirl325, AirMess and Ninja Sue, thank you SO MUCH!!!:flowers:
  11. LV - it looks fabulous and will such a nice wedding bag!!!! Have fun at your wedding. You're going to look so classy with your new JPG!!!!
  12. Kellybag, thank you!!!:kiss: I KNOW!!! I can't stop!!!:shame:
  13. And - I agree, you must change your screen name soon!! :o)
  14. OMG!!!!! Wow, I can see why you're selling all your LV's....That is sooooooo classy.... LOVE IT!!!!!! Modeling pics pleeeeaaaassse.

    Would it be tacky to ask how much it was? If so, don't answer.....

    You have such great taste! CONGRATS!!!! :love::heart:
  15. Congratulations!! It is so adorable and I love this piece in evergrain. Have a lot of fun with it.