JPG Kelly Clutch or Cadena Kelly?

  1. Like I mentioned above ... Which one? The JPG Kelly Clutch or the Cadena Kelly (or is it Kelly Cadena?)?? The latter is a bag that looks like a Cadena, very very cute. I've seen it in ostrich but for Fall/Winter 2007, they're going to make it in croc and lizard as well.

    And both bags are something I want to contemplate buying a few years from now (definitely NOT now, can't buy crap right now), but knowing me it's best for me to plan in advance first .

    So, which would you ladies pick? Both are pretty classic ... I think the Cadena one is definitely an older style.
  2. Kou, do you have a picture of this Kelly Cadena? It must be squarer then?
  3. The JPG Kelly clutch for sure. I don't like the Cadena Kelly.
  4. It's definintely boxier looking, like a jewelry case. It's also vertically longer and resembles the cadena. I don't have a picture on hand, but I know that one of the pictures posted for the Paris window had a cadena bag in vert anis ostrich.

    Although they're making it in lizard and croc for the upcoming season, I think I like that bag in ostrich more.
  5. I want both~:p I can't remember which one is more expensive though, I think the cadena cost more, not sure why.
  6. Well, it's definitely rarer (is that a word?)...and squarer....(sorry, I have the rhyming thing going today..)...

    It's so busy looking Kou, would you really like it all spotty as well?
  7. Hmmm ... I don't know ... I think I'll really have to see it in person. I've only seen it in pictures and I thought it looked cute ... If it looks busy in ostrich, it's probably going to look busy in lizard as well.

    I think I should play it safe and do the JPG clutch in lizard, can't go wrong with that one. I think my store may be getting in a cadena bag anyway, so when that shows up, I can see how it looks.

    Love the rhyming thing, but I can't seem to do it. ^^
  8. That Cadena bag is supposedly really tiny, though.
  9. I am totally in love with the JPG Kelly.
  10. I would definitely recommend jpg kelly.. its gorgeous!!
  11. JPG Kelly, definitely. It is so versatile! Perfect for dinner out, ladies luncheon, or a party! I have one and love it!
  12. I remember that picture of the VA ostrich cadea, was REALLY cute! I think I would vote for that one if it looked good in the color combo I was considering.