JPG HERMES Shoulder Birkin...

  1. Hi, I new to Hermes and I was thinking about getting a JPG Hermes Shoulder Birkin. Is that a good size or the popular size like 30cm/35 cm would be better. And would any one know what is the retail price for that bag. Thanks!
  2. i think the jpg runs a bit over 8000 us dollars.

    depends if you like the idea of wearing it over your shoulder. some folks like the jpg as it is a fresh take on the birkin but others like the classic birkin, as it were. is it to be your only bag? or do you foresee yourself getting more than one?

    also the JPG is quite heavy...compared to the 30/35 birkin.
  3. Thank you! This will be my first purchase of Hermes. I will look into the 30/35 Birkins. Once again thanks for your advise.
  4. I really like the JPG birkin over the normal birkin.. But seeing that I'm a guy, I doubt I'll be able to carry the JPG birkin off unless it's a 40cm. Same with the Birkin, but at the end of the day, I would say that the JPG looks fresher!

  5. Vogue, I think you are in luck - JPG only comes in 42cm size.:tup:
  6. I own The JPG and love it I`m 5'9 barefoot and it fits well but I never close it or carry it on my shoulder to uncomfortable It falls and hurts. As for looks it is nice but the only bag that always catches the eye of the public is my 35 birkin In Black Togo with gold H/W. I think it is thanks to all the shows how have publicized its price and its recognizable shape.With the JPG I get ask how makes my bag and with the Birkin people have actually say "Nice Birkin!" I would go with the Birkin first and just pick your favorite color so when you carry it you will say "I have a Nice Birkin"
  7. I am in the market for a JPG myself, I hope you find yours! I am glad I got the regular birkin first though, the JPG just seems like a nice addition to the collection :smile: I have also heard its heavy and for some people it feels odd on the shoulder because of the wide base.
  8. Ppl, thanks for the advise but I'm still undecided. This will be my first (hopefully not my last) and huge purchase therefore I really have to think it over. I really don't mind the weight or uncomfortable on the shoulder because I usually hand carry my bags. I like big bag but I'm short. (5’3)

    The JPG is fresher but the birkin 30/35cm is always classic. Regardless... it’s always a good investment too since it is classic. But I always visually think in my mind that the classic birkin is more for mature women. By the time someone can afford a Hermes they will always buy the classic regardless to let people know their using Hermes or they like that style. Well at least that's what I think. Sorry I'm not trying to offend anyone. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

    Compared to a 20+ yr old girl I like something fresh but I will get older.
    So go for the JPG or Classic???

    Once again really sorry if what I wrote sounded offensive. I really don't mean it in any ways. Thanks!
  9. As a fellow Hermes newbie (and which just got a JPG), i think it would be better to get a Birkin first, if it will be your only bag.

    While i'm still trying to get a 35, i am very happy with my JPG.

    However, it is best if you can try them on at the same time as you can really decide then

    Also, I agree with you that the JPG is fresh - i find it more funky and had the same attitude as you previously that the whole Hermes brand (and it's icons, Birkin and Kelly) was for mature women. But since i have gotten my JPG, i have totally changed my mind (i am a very casual dresser and i'm under 30)

    PS: i like your nickname... my dad wanted to buy me one of those when i was 15 haha
  10. See what you said sounds refreshing because of your honesty.Not at all offensive to me.Do decide for your self and enjoy your bag. I hope you have a positive experience choosing. It can be monumental in your life some thing I hope you come back and share with the group:tup:
  11. I use the JPG as a summer bag. It's hot here...and I like being able to use a shoulder bag. It is heavy...and won't sit right under your arm. You have to sling it more to the back. I'd say...try to find one to try on. It's really a different bag.
  12. I think you need to try one on (JPG shoulder Birkin) to see if it works for you. I am 5'5" without heels (5'8"/5'9" with heels) and I NEVER go out without heels and I just couldn't pull the JPG shoulder B off with my height.

    I would have loved to have one because I love the look but I am definitely glad I tried it out first.

  13. I love the look but I fear I would knock stuff/ people over with it as I am clumsy. :roflmfao:
  14. ITA!

    Definitely mull it over and hopefully find one to try for size. I'm a smidgen taller than you but I never wear mine w/o heels! :p Good luck!

    P.S. I think they're going for about $9k these days.