JPG Crocodile!

  1. hey everyone,
    I wanted to ask and see if any of you know whether a JPG Birkin crocodile exists......and if it does, do anyones here have pics to share? thanks again!!
  2. Yes it does exist..but very very limited and rare.
  3. yes, actually two of our members have one member has a bleu roi crocodile jpg shoulder birkin and the other has a beige (?) croc jpg shoulder birkin....
  4. Pinkish_love has an extrodinary JPG Croc in Bleu Roi. They are very limited and rare but so worth the wait if you can get your hands on one.
  5. Here is a pic from In Style photoshoot with a croc JPG:


    I think there are a few members on here that are fortunate enough to own one as well.
    Croc JPG Birkin.jpg

  6. I think she sold it, something to do with the croc being too stiff to go under arm.
  7. I think this is the one aspenmartial has:nuts:
  8. Love that pic of Victoria!
  9. can i please see more photos from our members with a beige croc JPG? it that poudre? its Dreamy!!!!!!!
  10. ooh- that's absolutely gorgeous!
  11. I Absolutely Adore The Croc JPG.....VB Looks So Amazing w/it (I know when doesn't she l@@k perfect???!).....
  12. Irene, you ALWAYS have the best photos of Victoria! Thank you!!! :yes:
  13. pinkish_love's blue roi JPG Shoulder Birkin. I finally found a picture of it!

    pinkish - blue roi JPG.jpg