JPG Birkin?

  1. So I have trying to search accurate information with no luck.. So has it been or will it be discontinued? What leathers does come in? And what is the least expensive JPG Birkin?

    Thank you.... :yes:
  2. Discontinued ? Not so sure now. It was said to have been discontinued but I keep seeing and hearing new JPG shoulder birkins (new colours) popping up.

    It comes in clemence and croc.

    Price > not sure what it is after the price hike. It was ~ USD8900 July2006
  3. I have seen in epsom leatherin potiron. I was very surprised to see in epsom leather..

    Yes! It was $8900 (pretax value) BEFORE price increase.
  4. I had an SA lock up on me when I asked about getting one. I don't know what that means though... she just kept changing the subject!! :shrugs:
  5. My BJ Clemence JPG cost US$8050.00 in February, 2006 (almost a year ago to date). I think this is the least expensive one you can find (unless it's pre-owned) as only other leathers JPG comes in are exotics, right H ladies?
  6. Wait, new colors? Like what:nuts: One in fuchsia chevre will be so pretty~
  7. I've also seen a JPG shoulder birkin in Ostrich and it was TDF! The least expensive would be one in Clemence leather like mine.
  8. WOW! JPG shoulder birkin now in epsom and also ostrich!!! Completely new news!
  9. hmmmmmmm, a JPG in epsom would be quite a bit lighter? but more rigid?
  10. Definitely not discontinued because I just placed an order for one this year. I think most of them have been made in clemence. Didn't know about epsom until now:idea:
  11. I didn't like it at all. It was WAY TOO STIFF in JPG Birkin, and in bigger bag like shoulder Birkin, epsom leather looked more plastic than in other bags:push: !
  12. today, my store had a vert anis croc JPG...:rolleyes: :sweatdrop:
  13. ^did you get it? I've seen pics of your Hermes stuff! So beauuuuutiful!!
  14. I've also seen the JPG in barenia/denim combi....that was to die for!! Some VIP's special order, to this day I lust after it.
  15. ^^^ Yes, that bag is TO DIE FOR!!! I would LOVE one as well!!!:drool: