JPG Birkin

  1. Is this bag wait list only? I'm currently looking at one at jemznjewels, but wondering if the markup is a bit much (9k). Think that is a good price? This would be my first birkin. TIA.
  2. I thought JPG Birkin is around $8900 now?
  3. So that is only about a $100 mark-up...not so bad. is a reseller of high-end bags.
  4. Hi Kou,
    From the PMs I received (yoohoo, you know who are you, and so sweet of these ladies), it's about USD8600 (rounded up) in Singapore. Out of curiosity, I too called up Hermes at Liat Towers and spoke with a SA by the name of Anna. She has confirmed that that is the existing price right now. The waitlist is closed though. :crybaby:
  5. Is in THE list? Think not. I saw the close-up photo showing the blindstamp and lockplate ... hmm don't look quite right. But then again, I am an amateur.
  6. Jemz sells authentic worries there. If there's a bag I'm interested in though I always ask for many more pictures than she offers on the web-site. That would be my advice....
  7. I've been getting different prices on JPG from different SAs. One SA said $8900, the other one from a different store says $8000. I know that prices in Asia is slightly different though but I think between $8K to $9K is a safe bet:flowers:

    Don't be discouraged about the waitlist. You're not alone and plenty of people built up their bag collections through walk-ins. I'm sure the ladies of this forum will also be keeping their eyes peeled for you.:yes:
  8. I was told that the current JPG Birkin price was $8900 as well.
  9. Thanks ladies!! Please keep your eyes peeled for my. My budget is kind of tight, about $8000 max. I know that is low, but the bag can be gently used.
  10. sorry to be the let downer here but i have never seen an authentic jpg for that price and i doubt you´ll find even a used one for under retail. sorry i would love to see that i am wrong though :flowers:
  11. ^^true, true. I haven't seen a JPG go for under $9K yet. Depending on the leather, some will cost more than $8900. Don't forget that if you get one in the store, that you'd have to add on the fabulous sales tax.
  12. Vogue is listing it at 7900....the SA in NYC said they are 8500 - but they are getting very few and refuse to do lists. I just got one in black for nine.....
  13. Why the price difference?

    Please post pictures in the JPG Birkin Pictures thread for us to admire. Would be great if you can post picture of yourself carrying the bag on your shoulders, and also by hand. ThankS!:heart:
  14. I'm picking it up the end of the week...
    I don't know why the price difference between what vogue quoted and the store. clearly that was a misprint. if you get them from reputable dealers, as you know so few around. they sell at a slightly higher price as you are getting a bag you normally can't get or have to wait for.
  15. The fashion mags are often wrong about prices the quote for bags.