JPG Birkin

  1. Hi, I'm new to this part of the forum (I'm a big LV gal) and wanted to know more about the JPG Birkin...I think it's just beautiful and the perfect size for a shoulder(?) bag! Does anyone here own it? Could you please model it?!

    I just want to look at people's pictures and drool for a bit...

    Also, is this a discontinued item or will I be able to get it XXX years from now after I've saved up? Was it a popular style or not really?
  2. Hello mas! The JPG is not a discontinued item, but I believe it is not made as much as say a Kelly or a Birkin. Some of the other ladies on here have a JPG and it is fairly larger and longer than a Birkin. As far as pictures, I am sure someone will post theirs soon to help you out and be more helpful than I was, LOL! HTH!
  3. the size of the JPG is similar to a BIrkin 42. so it is much bigger than the normal 30 or 35. it is perfect as a shoulder bag! I am just about to get one :P
  4. Oooh would love to see! Thanks for the comments!
  5. I have two, but my size-of-choice is still a 35. When the Shoulder came out, I thought it was a god-send, but it turns out that they are quite large, too large for me unless I'm travelling. If you are a 30 or 35 girl it's probably too big, but if 40 is your favorite size a Shoulder will probably be perfect. I barely use mine...a little too big for me, and the lock is really big and heavy. You must see Aspenmartial's croc version thought, simply TDF, I'd go for that one in a second...
  6. I suggest you try one on for size as the size and shape are not for everyone. This bag just swallows me up.
  7. :yes: for example me. i would never ever buy a regular 40 birkin (only 30 and 35) but as i am very tall and skinny the jpg lookes extremely good on me not obverwhelming at all. but i have seen smaller girls that could carry a 40 regular birkin fine but the shoulder birkin looked redicuous large in them. :shrugs:
  8. Yep....this one's a definate try-on. Personally at 5'3" the JPG is waaay too big. Just too, too long for me. I look like I could fall over in a high wind.....
  9. lol,... me too! Standing at 5'2" I too can be "Gone with the wind"
  10. agree w/ the rest. you must see IRL first. i have one & love it to pieces even though i'm a 30 cm type of gal! p.s. aspen's is really quite stunning.
  11. I have a JPG Birkin in black and LOVE the fact that I can carry it on my shoulder.

    I agree with everyone who said that it's not for everyone, however. It is HEAVY and HUGE (luckily, I'm 5'7" and just about pull it off with heels). My only complaint with the bag: there are NO interior pockets or zippered pockets! I am tempted to write to Jean Paul about that (ha!)...

    I do love the bag holds a TON of stuff. Here's a crummy pic of me and my jpg (and keep in mind that I had to use a self timer....ick!)
  12. Wow, you are gorgeous!! And you look great with that JPG too!!! Ok, must have one now ... must must must ...
  13. Nefarious - it looks great on you. I'm also a shorty and could never pull it off.
  14. That's gorgeous Nefarious. You look great! :flowers: