JPG Birkin sighting today

  1. I was at Victoria's Secret today, and while I was looking at a wall of bras, a girl's voice behind me said, "Excuse me". Without looking, I walked forward a little to let her pass behind me. I then look at the girl as she walked by, and her bag caught my eye for some reason. Initially, it looked like a long black purse that was hanging on her shoulder. I look again, and I see that it was a black JPG Birkin! I am kinda following her for a minute or so (trying to be:supacool: , but I couldn't help it...I rarely see Birkins at my local mall, and a JPG sighting was exciting, even though it wasn't mine). Then i just outright say, "I'm sorry to bug you, but I :love: your bag!". She laughs, then says, "You know what? I get lots of compliments on it!" She genuinely seemed as if she really didn't know about all the hype of Hermes bags, as she explained that her brother bought her "this bag" from a store in Italy as a souvenir because he knew she liked to carry big purses. I asked her if it was heavy, and she said yes, but that she liked to carry lots of things in it. She held it out for me, and she let me hold it to see for myself. I did, then she noticed my gold vache liegee Kelly and said that I also had a beautiful bag.

    Isn't it amazing how Hermes bags can make the world seem smaller?:girlsigh:
  2. What a great sighting and story! Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  3. You're welcome, amkur.
  4. :yes: That is a great sighting.
  5. I love that story!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
  6. Great story! You never know where you're going to see one!
  7. i want a fuchsia JPG~~~
  8. i am sure you´ll get her ! :yes: :smile: and i am even more sure that you will totally rock that bag
  9. How cool!!!

  10. Awww ... thanks~~:flowers: Would it be considered weird and abnormal if I say that I'm already thinking of what shoes to go with my non-existent bag?:lol:
  11. So true. One time at the boutique I saw this Asian lady carrying a brown shoulder Birkin. Before I knew it, I've blurted out, "This is a shoulder Birkin, right? It's so beautiful." The lady rolled her eyes, gave me a look, and ignored me.:Push: After she walked away, one of the SAs whispered to me, "I think it looked too big on her.":lol:

    But still, it was a gorgeous bag. That was the only shoulder Birkin sighting I've ever had.
  12. wow..I haven't seen a shoulder birkin IRL. Great sighting!!

    Kou: that lady is rude! what's her problem?!
  13. I agree-what a rude lady! Goes to show that money doesn't buy decency or class.