jpg birkin questions


Hermes Convert
Sep 13, 2006
I really love the style of these bags and had couple of questions.

Do they come in different sizes (i.e. 25,30,35 etc)?

what is the price compared to the reg birkin?

Are they easier or harder to find than a reg birkin? Are these ever in the store or spec order only

They come in one size. It's 42cm long.
They CAN be easier to find than regular Birkins.

They are known for being extremely heavy and can be difficult to carry at times, as they are bulky under the arm. They are fresh and young looking, best on tall women and we have many happy JPG owners here. They only come in exotics and clemence leather.
Price is just over $8k for Clemence, so they are more than a Birkin 35.
They come in one size only. It's a little pricier than a 35cm Birkin of the same leather. The last one I saw was a bleu jean clemence with palladium hardware and it was $8050 before tax. I have never seen one on the shelf in NYC and I've been told they rarely get any in. I've discussed sightings with another member, who also hasn't seen too many in NYC. You stand a better chance of getting a regular Birkin in this store.
i will say this, you get a lot of looks with the is forever flying if you bend over and it isn't closed tight the whole thing just pops open and things fall out...and it doesn't fit over your shoulder with a big coat.