JPG Birkin in Rouge Garance or 35cm Orange Birkin?


Feb 1, 2006
Hi, I´m being offered either bag. What should I do? Also, does anyone know if the original orange is still being made? I was told that this is a pumpkin orange and not the classic orange? Thanks!
Hermes Orange is still being made, although the recent batches seem to come in Swift, although I do see a few in Togo on occasion.

T, do you have a 35cm already? I can't remember who has what these days...I love Rouge Garance but the JPG is such a personal choice. I'd snap up the JPG personally b/c that's on my wishlist but we have a lot of Potiron fans on the forum. You'd probably get more use out of a 35cm, but I'd pass if you're not hot on the color and really want the Orange.
Ooh, that's a toughie! Which one do you think you will get more use out of? I personally would love a 35cm Orange Birkin. But if Orange is not your color, then go with the Rouge JPG.
I would go for the 35cm for sure.. jpg is nice but not as first bag.. if u dont have 35cm or 30cm birkin then choose the potiron.. the color is gorgeous as well!!

I have a Potiron in 35cm Togo and it's AMAAAAAZING!!! Gorgeous and can be a surprising neutral. It's not too bright but provides enough color to look fresh and cheery. Goes with nearly everything.

I'm not a JPG fan (I'm just too short and it's too heavy for me.)
Unless you want to wait for an Hermes Orange birkin, I would definitely go for the 35 cm Potiron Birkin. :yes: I like the fact that with JPG you can wear it shoulder style, but other than that, I never care too much for it.
Either one would be a great choice, IMO! I am with orchids on this - if you already own a 35cm birkin, go for JPG then! I own one and couldn't be happier with it. But orange does sound YUMMY!!!:nuts:
i would totally go for the orange birkin. i saw one this past weekend with GH and it was soooooo beautiful!!! i also tried on a potiron toile JPG and it was unfortunately too big on me (i'm 5'3") and felt pretty heavy too.
I would go with the birkin...seems like very few people can truly pull off the JPG.

I am also a fan of potiron/orange, so that helps.

Ultimately, you have the final say...dig deep and do some thinking! Good Luck!
I recently got the 35 cm orange. The NYC boutique said it is the signature orange by Hermes . . . so it is being made and yes mine is swift. It is a great bag and the color goes with everything . .

Orange is my vote
toreilly, it really depends on which bag would be of more use to you. but if you prefer choosing the color first, then go with your first choice color! both are gorgeous, btw!