JPG Birkin in Potamos?

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  1. I just read Birkin Princess posts in Inventory update thread about orange potamos jpg birkin.. I didnt know they make them in jpg birkin.. anyone?
  2. I know there is a JPG in Potiron. Is Potamos and Potiron similar in color?
  3. :shame: :shame: :shame: OOPS!
  4. ^^ well thank you for answering.. u were the only one who TRIED to give me some feedback!! lol

    Dont feel bad i probably know less that you trust me!
  5. They have/had one in the San Francisco store this past Thursday! The only one I've ever seen! I THiNK it was orange and black but now I can't remember.........
  6. Yes, they do the JPG in Potamos and the one in SF was red & black according to my SA--I had to say no to that one!
  7. That's right (snaps fingers!)! It WAS red......didn't care for it if I remember correctly..............
  8. Oh good D! ^^it's hard for me to turn down things via phone without actually seeing it! Now I know it was a good decision!
  9. Same here.
  10. The one I saw on Sat. was definitely orange. Maybe they had one in red also but I didn't see it.
  11. I must be the only one in tPF w/ a Potamus:sad: :sad:
  12. Oh i wish they had one here in Paris.. would love to see how it looks like!
  13. they probably send all the unwanted birkins away...:sad:
  14. I saw a red one in SF some time ago. It was the first JPG Birkin I ever saw in person. :yes: SF seems to get a lot of Potamos.