JPG Birkin in Clemence Leather in EUROs?

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  1. Hello, I am new to Hermes but I am really interested in the JPG shoulder carry Birkin in Clemence leather. Does anyone know how much it costs in Belgium?

    Can anyone just step into the Hermes boutique to buy one off the shelves or do we need to pre-order and wait for up to 2 years? And, must the shopper have a special social status.... etc... or celeb.... :sad: I'm nobody special but I am hoping to own one Birkin if possible.

    Really appreciate your advice from tpf Hermes owners. Thank you.
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    H doesn't make JPG Birkin anymore... You might find one by chance....sorry about that:sad:
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    The JPG shoulder birkin is now available again, being released for the S/S09. I'm not sure about availablility in Belgium but I am on the list at my boutique.

    There has been a lot of speculation about the size and hardware of the bag changing but my SA has not been able to confirm any of the rumors.

    You might want to stop in to your boutique and ask about availability.

    Some boutiques also have stock of the original version of the bag. If you check the "finds" thread, you will see several listed.

    The price of the JPG in December 2008 was $10,300 US which equates to 8,044.97 EUR (according to

    Hope this helps.
  4. Sorry, I thought luxemadam was referring to the old JPG.:smile:
  5. Costa, I'm anxious to see the "new" jpg. I've been told by several SA's that the bag will be the same as the original JPG. In fact, the drawings I've been shown have the same proportions and the same original HAC hardware that the original jpg has.

    I know there has been discussion about the new jpg, some say it will be shorter than the original 42cm, some say narrower and that it might have birkin HW rather than the HAC style. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Personally, I hope it's exactly the same. Tampering with the original is usually not a good thing ;)
  6. I know what you mean... personally, I love the original but that's just me.
  7. If you're interested in the new shoulder birkin, I'm pretty sure the Amsterdam boutique has some on order. I have no idea on the price though, but they are usually open to phone queries.
  8. Thank you for all your precious advice! I shall check it out at the Brussels boutique one of these days.:smile:
  9. Hi fellow Belgian,

    I just walked into the Antwerp store and asked about teh pricing. They were very friendly and told me everything I needed to know.
    I think getting a Birkin is a lot easier here than in the US because I could just order one, without a relationship with a SA. the only thing I vere bought before was a tie.
    Just go in and ask, don't be afraid.
  10. Hello!

    I'm so happy a fellow Belgian has gone this far to help. Thank you. I shall not be afraid to check at the boutique.
  11. Hi,It is a small store full of wonderful items & the staff are amazing!I'm sure you'll be welcomed!