JPG birkin in Blue jean clemence- what do you think? Yea or Nay?

  1. I may be too late already, but just saw this....what do you think. Please talk me out of it (or into it, one of those things)
  2. jedimaster, have you tried one of these and know you like the size/style?

    If so....go for it! They are beautiful!!
  3. I love it!!! It is beautiful bag and blue jean a gorgeous versatile color!!!! go for it, H addict has it up for sale!!!
  4. Yes, yes, yes....that color is gorgeous!
  5. Yes go for it! The bad is gorgeous and you will finally satisfy that blue jean craving! Keep us posted!
  6. GOD, I wish I could pull of a JPG Birkin!!!! And in blue jean? How perfect! If the style works for you, GET IT!!!!

    ***Drooling and jealous***
  7. :graucho: :heart: :tup:

    BJ JPG Birkin.jpg
  8. ARGH! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!:drool::heart::drool:
  9. GO FOR IT! It is such a gorgeous bag!
  10. How can you resist after that pic that H_Addict posted? It is a beautiful bag!!!! Get it!!!
  11. Dear Ms. JadiM:

    How tall are you?! If I am NOT wrong this HK actress is about 5'5"-5'6"?! Do you like larger bags?! If YES, the GO FOR IT!!!
  12. I love the bag's looks but I had a JPG in Black Clemence and I have to say it was very heavy and the bottom is very wide so it did not sit on my shoulder comfortably. For that reason, I let mine go. I would suggest trying it on your shoulder first and remember it gets heavier and heavier the longer you carry it (or atleast it will feel that way) But pure astetics and collection filling, I would take it.
  13. take it!! All birkins are heavy , atleast this one can rest on your shoulder!! Its a great piece to have in your collection!!!
  14. That was my hesitation - I didnt really like the ergonomics of it, my elbow hit it in the wrong spot (I am tall with long arms). I walked out without it and another woman bought it immediately! So I guess my blue jean quest continues...
  15. I hate to discourage any H purchase becuase they are all just so beautiful but the base is so wide its un-natural under your arm. Atleast on me, I'm 5'8 and it just didn't work well. Someone else may feel differently but I just didn't love it, and 8k (or whatever it costs now) is to much $ to have for something you wont love. Just my two cents. That said, it still is a lovely bag.