JPG birkin colour and skin question

  1. hey ladies
    last night i saw a woman over here with a shoulder birkin in orange (not potiron) ostrich now i am curious to know if it was for real ( i thought so) but never heard of it in ostrich. furthermore in wich colours and skins does it come or can be ordered. i have in mind that the choices are limited but could be that i am mixing things up :shame:
    thanks:flowers: to all of you
  2. Last week, I saw a lady carrying a JPG birkin in ostrich rouge. Looks real.
  3. im sure it comes in different skins and color. if you are unsure just call any hermes store and they will be able to assist you. I personally havent seen any in Chicago but I am also not interested on purchasing one for myself
  4. If anyone can verify this, that'll be great. I've asked several of my SAs about this and I've gotten different responses. Two of them said that Hermes only makes JPG in togo and clemence while two other ones said Hermes will make anything in any combination as long as one is willing to wait and pay for it.

    I have never seen JPG in anything other than clemence but I've heard from others that they've seen JPG in crocs!
  5. The JPG can be made in any leather, hardware, and color. As long as you are willing to wait, they are able to place those orders with the specifics that you like. People usually see togo or clemance JPGs because that's a regular order for the store managers each year (they order about 10+ each year, depending on the store). I recently (a week ago) saw two JPG crocs in glazed black and matte poudre in the store -- both are lovely :heart: But since they were special orders, they were not displayed on the shelf. The manager only showed it to me because he wanted to know if I wanted to order one in poudre too since my sister has the black croc one already.
  6. thank you ladys. helped me a lot now i am even more happy to let the kelly go (more funds for a special order jpg birkin :angel: ):lol:
  7. Twigz, thank you so much for the clarification:flowers: . Do you know if special orders like that are placed through the store computer or placed at Podium? The 2 SAs who said JPG can be made in any combinations said that scenarios like this can only be done at the store level and not at Podium as the Podium is for the more "regular/conventional" specs?
  8. JPG's do come in croc (very rare - not sure if they were limited) - they also had one in dark denim with Barenia flap (limited to 125 pieces) - i'll you know if i get one offered. the through them left and right at you at the shops...
  9. Kou, that is the case (at least for the NYC store). But you can ask always inquire your SA about this because it varies for different stores. I'll let you know again when I ask the manager tomorrow.
  10. Twigz, once again thank you for the information!:flowers: Please let me know what the manager told you. Actually, do you know whether or not it takes longer to make an exotic JPG? I've been told by SAs that with exotic orders, if the order is placed then it takes the same amount of time as regular leather.