JPG Birkin, anyone? Pictures please

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  1. Please may we have a dedicated thread to JPG shoulder Birkins? Pictures please! I love the bag to bits! And can't wait to get one. So, meanwhile, show me your JPG Birkin!:heart: :P
  2. Just FYI, there is a JPG Birkin in the new Vogue (U.S. version) toward the back of the issue. I believe it was a vert anis. I didn't pick up a copy, or I would scan it for you. The price was around $7,900.
  3. Yes please! Please scan pic from Vogue and post it here.

    I know that there are many fakes out there and was advised that the best way to differentiate a genuine one from a fake one is actually studying the shape of the shoulder birkin. The real one has a particular shape about it that fakes cannot copy. Can anyone comment on this?
  4. Currently(about a month ago), JPG is $8900 before tax...
  5. JPG. :flowers:
    99a.jpg Hert2.jpg
  6. Cecilia Cheung. :girlsigh:
  7. More pics. :flowers:
    fgdd%20copy.jpg cro1%20copy.jpg bl42%20copy.jpg
  8. Yummy!
  9. Love the Rouge H and blue jean JPGs! These are so hot!!!
  10. Linda Evangelista:
  11. This is torture ... i'm craving one sooooo badly~~~
  12. me too ( the one i wanted was unobtainable since it was the states) but i really would love to have one in black MATTE croc with ruthenium in my book that edgy combo would look terrific with the modern twist of the jpg
  13. HOT DAMN!! That would be so incredible and totally fab!!! I want to see one! Heck I wanna HOLD ONE!!!!:nuts:
  14. Photos from eBay.



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