JPG Birkin 40 or 42

  1. Can any one tell me if the JPG Birkin comes in 40cm It is weird I thought it only was made in 42cm.
  2. Alegory, this has been asked several times.

    JPG shoulder birkin comes in only ONE size >> 42cm. :yes:
  3. ^ We need to make this sticky. j/k
  4. I asked my SA @ the H Boutique about this and he told me the JPG only come in 40cm:confused1:
  5. It might be called "40" but technically, it is 42.
  6. Penny, it is not stated in my H receipt the dimension of my JPG Shoulder Birkin. It just says "Sac A Main Shoulder Birkin Taurillon Clemence Doublurelure".

    And yes, it is 42cm.

    Forget about what your SA said, do you have a tape measure?
  7. Penny, it's definitely 42cm. Sorry to disappoint. Some SAs actually gave wrong info to their customers. :sad:
  8. When I brought my BJ JPG Birkin to BH, another customer was admiring it and my SA also told her it was 40cm. Although it is definitely 42cm, I think it may just be easier for the SAs to refer to it as a 40cm bag in terms of size reference :shrugs:
  9. Yes, MrsS I do have a tape measure, and I could measure it but I accept your word and Queenie's that it is 42cm. I will make my SA aware of this tomorrow when I speak with him.
  10. So MrsS and Queenie, the JPG comes in just one size?? :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Tricia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lecture:
  12. Wouldn't that confuses customer even more since there's a 40cm birkin? :confused1:
  13. :p
  14. I agree, Queenie. Unfortunately though, I have heard more than one SA say it :push:
  15. That is why I asked because of the SA. He said It was 40cm and I was sure I saw 42 here at the best place for info.