JPG arrival!

  1. Here is the box,slashed by customs,bag is alright though!Sorry no strip,here are the pics!
    P8150678.JPG P8150679.JPG P8150683.JPG
  2. Wow Medusa, that's one awesome JPG!!


  3. I love the bag but am taken aback by the large lock, the keyhole is positioned differently from the birkin's.I have to learn to love the padlock, it is large!
  4. lovely!! congrats!
  5. OMG she´s stunning!! Loooove the leather and colour! Is it Togo?
  6. Congrats! Love the color!
  7. Love it! Congrats!
  8. Lovely combo! Congrats!
  9. Very Very nice. Great colour.
  10. Thanks Queenie, vogue,Nola, pr1nc355, hello2703! I am getting used to the lock size! Nola, she is clemence, clueless as to color, experts????She could be either camel or caramel????
  11. Stunning bag, I love the colour!x
  12. Thanks Licencetocook & Sammyjoe!
  13. Thanks TammyD! Here she is with her welcome present!
  14. What a gorgeous bag !!! Is it a gold in clemence ??
    CONGRATS !!!
  15. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Fabulous bag!! Looks like Gold Clemence. I use a hippo cadena in place of the huge lock. Lightens the (already) very heavy bag. :p