Jp Tods

  1. Hi! Help me decide what's the best tods handbag at the moment. Please post pics. Thanks! :yes:
  2. A lot depends on what situation the bag is used for (work, casual, night out, gym etc).

    These are some of the styles that I personally like. HTH. There aren't many Tod's fans around the forum unfortunately. :confused1:
    Tod's Mickey Camel.jpg Tod's T-bag.jpg Tod's Besonville Dark Jean.jpg Tod's Restyled D-Bag Camel.jpg
  3. I had no luck linking, but on the NM site they have a lot of Tod's bags. I like the New D-bag Media styles and the Shopping Cerneria (sp?) bag. their styling is classic so I think they won't look dated in a couple years.
  4. dude Tod's are SO quality. i love them. i have an older one from years ago and haven't in person seen any of the bags, but in pix, the Media bags are HOT!
  5. i just got an amazing Tods from a TPF member, its a few years old looks as good as new wear is so minimal obviously these bags wear VERY WELL beautiful leather!!!!!!!!!! and beautiful hardware

    i dont know too much about the bags now but i can jut say dont be discoraged just caause there arent a lot of TODS fans here, those of us taht are, know how amazing the bags are and highly rec. them!

  6. bess and jess have matching tod's pursies. mine iz chestnut hers is red yay!
  7. i like the T-bag....that's a very unique style:p!
  8. I like the restyled new D-bag Media too! It lends a trendier look to the classic shopping tote. And the leather used is much softer so it gives a slight slouch to the bag (I find the original D-bag rather stiff). You gotta see it IRL. I was so tempted by the camel and off white (which would be absolutely great for summer) :yes:
  9. I only want D-bag +_+
  10. At the moment? If you mean for this and the next season, without any doubt the best Tod's bag is the G-bag. A few threads are posted about the G-bag, and you can see all the new colors for F/W 09. I am attaching a photo of my own G-bag (love it!!!!!!).

    Otherwise, the evegreeen, classic Tod's bag is the D-bag. Those two are my personal favourites because they are large bags. If you like something smaller, the Micky is also very nice (also in its updated look).
    gbag2.jpg t1.jpg t.jpg
  11. D bag! It's classic and won't go out of season, Tod's constantly restyles and revamps it for an updated look but it will always look classic.
  12. ITA with Jadeite, a classic bag that wears well, is understated and classy.