Jp Tod's Miky Or Fendi Spy Bag??

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  1. Hello all!
    Need some help from you fellow bagaholics!
    I can't decide on a classy tod's miky bag in beige or the trendy and sexy fendi spy bag in dark brown or honey!
    If I go for the Tod's, does anyone know which size Kate Hudson had in the movie "Raising Helen"? Is it the large or medium size?
    Help me!!!
    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Frankly, I'd go for the Tod's, as IMO it will have more "staying power". The Spy is more trendy.
  3. Not sure what size the Tod's is, but I'd go with that one over the spy only because its a good everyday bag and its not too big.
  4. I'll choose Tod's over the spy bag anytime!!
  5. I'm the opposite. I saw the Miky IRL and was not impressed. Too plain for me.
  6. Ditto! You need to try it inperson if you can, the spy IS a big bag but it suits me fine (if you carry alot of stuff). I went to Tod's to take a look at the Miky but ended up leaving with the Carey Sacca Grande in Cream.
  7. Hello all!
    Thanks for your replies! For those who love the spy bag do you find it very heavy? I unfortunately cannot try one on :sad: ...
    If I decide on the spy, I will be getting my cousin in NY to order one for me!