JP Lizzy Bags - What do you think?

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  1. Okay, what do we think? Saw these on, they just look so petite I thought they were kind of cute -

  2. I like the first one. It's cute
  3. Think those handles are big enough to slip onto the shoulder? The bag itself is tiny, maybe 9" across.
  4. For some reason they remind me of Kate Spades.
  5. I think they're cute!
  6. Okay, BF offered to get me this one -

    JP Lizzy Mocha Mint Purse
    Size: 9" x 7" x 5"

    Rash decision?
  7. It's very cute! I say if you like it and your BF wants to get it for you...why not?
  8. lol, true. Thanks Leah!
  9. Abandonedimages, it's cute but there are nicer bags out there, IMHO.

    Came across this awesome facility on Grechenscloset

    So many online sites to browse :biggrin:

    I like this Lulu Guinness tote - what do you think?

    How about the bags here?

    $99 special offer
  10. The first link didnt show up :[ I like the ones from, very cute for cosmetic cases!
  11. Abandonedimages, there are so many bag designers out there, a dizzying array to choose from - I envy you :biggrin:

    If I should ever strike it rich, I'd like (to start with) the Salvatore Ferragamo starring in the movie "Failure to Launch" - and a few cheaper lovelies like the pink Gerard Darel in darelgirl's avatar and a Tano bag (haven't decided which one yet).
  12. I think it's very cute :love:
  13. It is a cute bag for someone younger. I think I am truly getting old. Even though I am petite I could never pull this off at my age.
  14. "I think I am truly getting old." lol, don't say that! But yeah, when I first saw it I thought about how cute it was and then immediately went into, "Is that going to fit on my shoulder?" etc. I dont think it will, and its small. . .I hope I can pull it off (as a tote) :/