Joyous News!

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  1. I GOT LAID OFF! WHOO HOO! So I'm taking this as a sign that I shouldn't be working there, and I'm going to start doing what I love...piano. I'm going to start teaching piano!! I'm so happy! See that way I get to stay home and be with Mom and Dad and do something I love.
  2. Sorry to wishes!
  3. Great news. So you didn't have to make the decision yourself!! It's a nice idea that you have, to stay home and teach piano...good luck with your choice, Missy!!
  4. Laid off? Did they have unemployment benefits? You should investigate that.
  5. Sorry to hear you got laid off, but it sounds like you're happy. Good luck and hope your dreams come true :yes:
  6. At least you are looking at this in a very positive light!!
    Good luck doing what you love......
  7. Good luck with the piano venture!
  8. That's good news, at least you will have less stress!! Someone mentioned unemployment, try to look into that(not sure if it would apply to this or not.) Good luck with everything!
  9. Good luck with the lessons! This will be a great creative outlet for you!
  10. Def. not going for unemployment. Cause I won't be unemployed....teaching piano I can get 20 bucks an hour as opposed to the 6 I was getting at the restaurant. I hated that job and apparently God could see that and opened the door for me to leave without getting fired or yelling "I QUIT!" I just simply won't accept her invitation to come back, cause she said she'd get in touch with me.

    Her exact words were "I don't have enough money to make payroll so I'm doing some major cutbacks and the hostesses have to go. You're not fired, but bring in your uniform shirt. You'll have a check this week and maybe next week..."

    I AM SO HAPPY it's over!
  11. haha, thats great news. iv never known anyone be so happy about being laid off though.
  12. Looks like things worked out for the best, Missy. Best wishes.
  13. good luck with your choice!
  14. I'm glad everything worked out for you. I know you were miserable there so maybe it's karma that it worked out the way it did. Good luck with your new endeavor! :tup:
  15. Congratulations and good luck. :tup:

    It feels strange saying congrats for being laid off , but you are obviously happy about it. I think giving piano lessons is a great idea and I hope it all works for you.