Joy Medium Boston: Need help from Gucci experts! :-)

  1. I'm sorry if somebody else posted about this already, I tried to search for it and didn't find it! I want to get the Joy Medium Boston, but I have some questions. Do the straps fit over your shoulder? Is it a tiny bag? (I cannot find a scale picture anywhere!) I love it, I just am scared it's so small because it is so inexpensive for Gucci. Thanks soooo much!!:smile:
  2. i definitely don't think it's the type of bag to go over your shoulder
  3. It's like an LV Speedy -- the handles are meant more to be carried in the crook of your arm or by hand.
  4. it is for sure a handheld bag.. =)
  5. As everyone else has is a handheld bag.
  6. it's definitely a handheld bag! I have the medium size and it's actually pretty big. I think it's just a little bigger than my speedy 30. Hope that helps!
  7. thanks so much everybody!! i love the bag, i think i need a shoulder one though