Joy Large boston

  1. I'm planning on purchasing my first gucci bag.. and the joy large boston in white with

    silver patent handles really caught my eye!

    Does anyone have it? The white really struck me the most..but am scared of how much i have to maintain it though...
  2. I don't have one of these, but since it is the coated canvas, it should be easier to maintain as usually you can just wipe them clean.
  3. I bought this and sent it back...I bought the medium one instead. This bag is lovely, and will be easy to keep clean. Be aware it is HUGE. It looks like a carry on, or a small duffle. Loved it though...its so pretty.
  4. I agree with Sunshine, the large is huge, probably too big to use as an everyday handbag. You may want to consider getting the medium which is a little bigger than a LV Speedy 30.
  5. Is this bag available in Gucci stores, or is it just an on-line item?
  6. both!!!
  7. yes it's available both at the stores and on-line. I have the medium one and it is a little bigger than my speedy 30. The large one is definitely LARGE!!! i wish somebody had posted modeling pics so that we can see for size reference.
  8. Just wonderin is the collection permanent.
  9. I already have the large one in black/brown with bronze trimming and now i'm getting the limited edition with "'50 postcard" acquerello.It is white with silver trimming...i love the large size! :smile:
  10. Does the large boston bag come in the beige/ebony with the silver trim or just the white? Anybody have modeling pictures of the large? I'm trying to decide between the medium and the large in the beige color. Thanks for any help!
  11. I received the Joy Medium Boston bag in white/platinum as a Valentine's Day gift from my boyfriend (I am very thankful!) -- and it was also my first Gucci handbag also! :] It was bigger than I expected, I thought it was around the size of a LV Speedy 25 but it's a little bigger than an LV Speedy 30. I like medium sized purses and this one fits everything that I need!

    I accidently got a juice stain on it and I just wiped it down with a damp cloth, and it came right off -- so cleaning it is fairly easy. :]

    Good luck!
  12. I just got my joy white/beige GG plus with blush/fuschia/blush web, blush leather trim, and light gold hardware in MEDIUM.

    I got the last one. Gucci only made 70 of them for the entire company to be sold or it have to be special ordered online

    it's totally cute as a spring bag! :heart:
  13. sorry was trying to email you ended up reporting you
  14. HA Ha!! Thats ok! I am one of the mods in this area so I saw your request! I personally prefer the medium over the large. Unless you want a carry on bag, then I would go with the large! Oh, and welcome to the PF! Have fun!
  15. I have the white joy boston in medium and it's pretty must be very careful with white...mine got stained by a fuschia shirt i was wearing and i have not been able to get it off. And i've heard alot of stories with this happening with your blue jeans. So it is a beautiful bag but just be very careful with it!