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    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, San Serif][SIZE=-1]Lee Clower for The New York Times[/SIZE][/FONT]
    [​IMG][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, San Serif][SIZE=-1]When creating her own handbag line, Joy Gryson places function before flash. “I don’t like showing a label; I prefer discretion,” said Ms. Gryson, who designed accessories at Coach and Marc Jacobs before starting her own collection, Gryson, last fall. “My style is clean and monochromatic, with a little bit of attitude, whether it’s in a detail or the architectural structure of a piece of clothing.” Ms. Gryson, 34, is a New Yorker by way of Korea: she was adopted at the age of 3. Her adoptive mother subsequently became the executive director of Family Focus Adoption Services in Queens. Her collection has a family focus as well: her husband is her business partner and her favorite handbag is named for their 4-year-old daughter, Olivia. “I’m a wife, mother and businesswoman, and I’m always running from one meeting to another,” Ms. Gryson said. “I need a bag that looks great and isn’t tricky to use.” Here Ms. Gryson combines a belted Marni jacket with a long-sleeve J. Crew T-shirt and skinny jeans by J Brand (she layers tunics, tanks, and jackets over T’s and jeans all year). Her boots are from her upcoming shoe collection, and her bag is, of course, the Olivia. Ms. Gryson loves affordable basics from brands like American Apparel and Levi’s. But some things she won’t skimp on. “I look forward to wearing flats over bare feet in the spring,” she said. “Marni, Sigerson Morrison and Lanvin make the most amazing ones.” JENNIFER TUNG
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  2. She is gorgoeus! Great style, and that bag!! Thanks for the article.
  3. She's very well dressed- love her designs!
  4. She's quite pretty. I've considered buying her bags, but just haven't done so yet. Maybe this spring. I do like them a lot and they're not as pricey as some others.
  5. i love the style and designs of her bags!
  6. Great Article! Thanks for posting!

  7. woa, great article.
    i didn't know that she's asian! :yes:
  8. The first thing that caught my eye was her boots! I kept wondering who designed those boots till I scrolled down and finished reading. Does anyone know if her shoe collection is already out in stores? Looks like I'll have to check out those boots! And love her style....simple, chic, but with some attitude!
  9. It must still be too early here. I kept reading that as boobs :roflmfao:
  10. I just purchased a Joy Gryson tote from Neiman Marcus. Further, I just read that she is going to join forces with Target to come out with a line of faux leather handbags soon. Does anyone know or suspect that this will have a direct affect on the value, worth or desirability of her high end bags?

    BTW, my sister worked for Family Focus for years. I must remember to ask if she knows Mrs. Gryson.
  11. LawWoman,
    Welcome to the Purse Forum. Try searching "Gryson Target" on the forum to find past debates on this issue.... There is no real agreement as to how this will effect perception of their luxury line. I personally think it is highly dependent on the individual. I own several Grysons and look forward to increased name recognition of Joy Gryson as a designer that will come as a result of her collaboration with Target. Also, I have seen pictures of the Target line, and although the Gryson "look" is recognizable, it is obvious that these are not luxury bags (really cute though). I think it'll be cool to have the high end item when the Target bags hit the stores.
  12. I love her bags!

  13. I think those boots are on the Gryson web site for $895.
  14. That was a nice article.
  15. The boots came out last fall. As far as the Target line debasing her normal line, I don't think that it will affect it. The Target bags are cute but in no way similar in quality or feel to a real Gryson. Luella did a line for Target but it certainly didn't affect the way that I felt about my high end Luella bag. The Target designer items aren't meant to be classics that will stand the test of time. You're lucky if they stand the test of 2 months.