JOY Boston bag

  1. :flowers: Hello eveyone :smile:

    I never think to buy a Gucci speedy ( I called it as a speedy becuase it looks like LV speedy in shape) before but now I saw a JOY boston bag with Pink trim and I feel like OMG I need to have it :nuts: !! I couldn't decide yet as I also love the tote style but I will absolutely get one as I love Pink and also love Gucci canvas.

    If someone have both Joy boston and a LV speedy please, let me know what do you think? which one is better in term or use? or looks? The price is quite in the same range though.

    Any comments would be very appreciate :tup:
  2. Welcome back my friend!!I have both of them ( 1 Joy and 2 speedy,i used to have 3 :p)...just PM me and tell me what you want to know!!:tup::heart:
  3. I never knew it came in pink trim! Do you happen to have a picture to share?
  4. It's on the Gucci UK site.
  5. Hello Stefy,

    I just only wanna know which one you like better? Gucci seems to be more structure than LV. Any ideas, ma friend? :flowers: