Journeys of your CLs

  1. Tell us where you last went with your CLs and which ones you wore! :flowers:

    Yesterday afternoon, I wore the new linen d'orsays around the house to get a good feel.
  2. cute thread...i just wore my menorcas last thurs to pick a vacation package...i was tryin to wait til spring but heck i leave in florida...espadrilles can be worn year round if ya want to:roflmfao:

    edited to add...sunday i wore my black patent yoyo 85 to church
  3. nice thread!
    I wore my Iowa Zeppas last saturday clubbing, Sunday wore my Alta ariellas for a b-day party, monday wore my mouches for a show, leopard pigalles on a dinner outing yesterday.
  4. I wore my patent leaopard miss bunny's on saturday night out at One at my Bday party, hehe i was suprised bc i bought them that day and danced all night in them.....i wore my black simple 85's to brunch on sunday at pastis
  5. I wore my black satin Joli Noeud's on Sunday to church. Monday I sported my No Prive's to work, and yesterday I wore my Som1's to work.
  6. Last Saturday night, wining and dining at a Cajun restaurant, followed by Martinis at a jazz club with my husband and my blue karey VP :heart:
  7. Right now, black leather 85mm simple pumps
  8. I wore my La Donna Mary Janes to "The Bank" at the Bellagio last month, and my Ayers Roccia No Prive to dinner the night before that.
  9. Today I wore my patent Lopanos to work and then shopping at Saks.
  10. Yesterday I wore my Sock 70 Mary Janes to work and now I'm wearing my Vizu boots out for cocktails.
  11. I wore wine Rolandos today. Shopping at Saks and lunch with friends. Switched to some Pumas for tennis though.
  12. I finally wore my blue patent simples yesterday to the taping of the ellen show after weeks of being lazy and wearing Uggs :shame:
  13. (Btw, I'm so happy everyone's participating! It's fun to read about where you've all been/going w/ your CLs. :smile:)
  14. My magenta simples and I ran errands today and this past Saturday I took my Nude patent yoyos to meet Monsieur Louboutin himself!
  15. I just remembered that I took and wore my Ayers Roccia No Prive to Puerto Rico in October of 2007. I wore them w/a white James Perse dress to a restaurant called Dragonfly in Old San Juan.