Journey to my first LV- Speedy 35!


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Aug 5, 2008
Hope y'alls like a story; I'll make it a fast one!

Been on quite a journey this past year, getting pregnant and having my first child. As a firm believer in treating oneself out, I bought myself a "Congrats I'm Preggies!" purse, but after having my son in Oct., I never had a chance to buy a "Congrats I'm Officially a Mom" purse. Shortly before I headed back to work, DH got laid off and we made the decision that he was going to stay home with our son for awhile as it was cheaper than paying for daycare and I'd go back to work full-time. I was scared to be the sole income person of the house, but felt strongly about wanting a parent to be raising our child for the first few months, if not at least his first year.

After paying off the bulk of our debt for this to happen, I still wanted my purse and decided that my first LV would be a great way to go. But, I couldn't bring myself to pay full price with our current situation (luckily, DH is a tollerant supporter of my purse habit LOL). So I started looking at Damier Ebene Speedies, but got drawn in by Mono. I found two that I was interested in (one in Damier, one in Mono) and believe me it was a tough decision.

Thanks to the lovely authenticators here, I bought this beauty! So presenting my new to me "Congrats-I'm-a-Mom-and-Bringin'-Home-the-Bacon" (Even DH says I'm doing this, please don't be offended LOL) Mono Speedy 35 :yahoo:!

This shows most accurately the very light patina it has...SO pretty!

One last shot...

I couldn't believe the condition she was in when I got her yesterday, just SO beautiful. I never thought I'd love mono this much, but I actually prefer it to the damier. It's the perfect size for me too (as it'll hold my dSLR, blankies, jacket, etc. with room to spare when needbe). I'd take modeling photos, but I'm in PJs and taking advantage of DS' late wake-up time, so maybe later...Thanks for letting me share!


Apr 3, 2009
very lovely! It's really in great condition,I thought you got it from the store before reading your story :smile:
my mono speedy is the same size as yours, and I love it so much :heart:
congrats, use your new purse in good health!


Sep 8, 2007
You can never go wrong with a speedy bag. They are so classic. I too am looking for a gift for myself for my birthday. I'm sure it will also be a tough decision. Congrats on your new baby and new speedy!


where's my bag?!
Apr 25, 2006
What a wonderful story of your journey to your first LV. You deserve and earned every inch of your Speedy 35, that's what makes it that much more special!! If you hadn't mentioned it, I could have sworn it is brand new and never used.

btw I have the Speedy 35 and I adore it


Feb 16, 2009
congrats on your first LV!!! I'm waiting on today's postman for my first one!!

Enjoy your bag and your lovely family