Journey Through the Magical Land of Hermes

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  1. Well, I've already figured out what I want and it's really just a matter of how much I deserve this (I've been really good Santa, so bring it early!)

    I'm getting one Hermes scarf, in Fuschia, about the dancing horses in armor and so beautiful!

    for bags, I'm debating getting just two and being loyal to them:

    Looking for a Vintage Kelly, in any color other than black. (orange is beautiful at the moment)

    And I have to have a black Kelly 32 cm...if I can find it.

    Right now, I'm debating whether I should get the Vintage Kelly in Crinoline or otherwise?


    But I'll probably be looking really far and wide- hopefully before May 20th.

    I'm really hesitant about purchasing on a whim from Hermes. I'd like to pick something beautiful, classic, vintage, large enough to hold my junk, and a leather that'll last without needing constant annual cleanings (grr)

    The black Kelly is my type of bag (something I'll use as much as I want). I'm going really stark, grey/black lately and I think it's just who I am. Not much of a flashy Fuschia Croc girl.


    I just can't wait to ge the scarf though- I'm afraid with the bags I'll probably want more and more seeing as they are heavenly and the smell...*going nuts*:sweatdrop:
  2. The Marwari scarf is gorgeous in fuschia (though once you buy one'll suddenly find you "need" another one, then another, then another!!).

    I saw Jungle Love in Turquoise and instantly fell in love with the design..that was last year and I've now got over 20 Hermes items - from an Evelyne TPM in Blue Jean to a couple of cute twillies...

    Once you start....:drool:
  3. I know...I can't wait for the Kelly to arrive and the scarves...I'll double the scarves for both around my bag when it gets too hot and around my hair (anyone else use it that way?)

    I have the feeling I'll probably get some cuff bracelets, scarves, and just one bag...that bag should inspire me to reach for higher goals and get my ultimate....(black croc with pink trimmings)
  4. did you buy the crinoline bag trimmed with the navy? it was simply divine!!
  5. No. I'm a complete idiot.

    I was in tears about it. I just can't do it yet.

    In fact, I'm leaving by May 20th (don't have the ticket yet but that's the slotted date) to fly out to visit family and I'm not sure if I want to risk buying a second hand bag from Ebay. I'm waiting on ILML to PM me about her source for vintage Hermes that way I can be safe before I leave.

    Imagine having a week before my flight and somethings wrong with the bag...grrr.
  6. If you find a good vintage H Kelly online, please let me know; I'm in the market for one in the next few months. Thanks!
  7. :tumbleweed:

    I just went to try and BIN the Crinoline baby and it's ended...

    Right when I was about to buy it.

    I have to go take a soothing bath now or something, I don't know, watch a sad movie so I have a reason to cry hard!!
  8. Has the bag been sold or just finished? Contact the seller and see if you can buy it.....and do keep it in perspective, no reason to cry as more bags always appear
  9. Thank you Mooks :hugs:

    I'm not really crying, I just think it was a delectable piece

    Now, I did send the seller a message and I'm praying the buyer flakes and doesn't pay haha.
  10. You never know!!
  11. what do you know about crinoline bags? what does "vintage" mean? i love that bag also and was sad when it sold so i can sympathize with you... good luck in your search...:smile:
  12. Read this post here:

    And I'll post a copy of it here, if DCMom doesn't mind.

    "Hi again...just wanted to add a note on the two tone materials for your general info:

    Actually the Kelly and the jige are Hermes' old crinoline. The Evelyn and the 40cm Birkin are New crinoline and the rest are toile.

    I strongly endorse crinoline for anybody who likes a white/cream bag. Crinoline (ie horsehair) was originaly used in the late 18th and early 19th century as upholstery material. There are some Hepplewhite chairs in the White house that are now being reupholstered for the first time! The stuff wears like iron and is dirt resistant. Please note: the old Hermes crinoline is a tight weave. The new re-issue is a looser weave where you can see the linen warp threads. The old stuff looks like vinyl or plastic which is why it is so durable. The new stuff is dirt resistant also.

    There are only about two weavers in the world who still can make the stuff. You need the original 19th century looms. It is all done strand by strand by hand. If anybody is doing reupholstry of a 18th century chair, email me and I'll give you copies of the sources for the material (I have no financial interest). The weavers can make any color and weave stripes, or designs. The stuff cost a fortune by the yard, but you will never have to replace it...unless you live to be 200 years old!

    For Hermes buyers, one of the great things about crinoline is that nobody can fake it. You need the looms, quality horse hair and skill.

    That's all folks!

    (PS: the pic are only the two tone bags...the solid colors are in my closet hiding! Somebody stop me! Hey, and somebody buy the HAC on ebay!!)

    Thanks ladies!"
  13. Well, my HG Hermes is back on EBay.

    And I can't buy it, YET AGAIN.

    And, yet again, I'll just wait bummed and hope they relist AGAIN in 2 weeks. But I'm flying out in 2.5 weeks and I don't think it'll get to me before I fly out (I'm leaving for the summer vacation and want to take the sweet bag with me)

    What to do?

    :lecture:Why oh why does this have to happen again? I'm sorry, but this is like torture.