Journalist/Reporter/Writer Bags?

  1. I'm a nanny but also a freelance journalist and am working on finishing my degree - I'll be going back to school in the spring and hope to be done soon. I've had to wait almost 4 years to go back to school because I couldn't get financial aid as an independent student until this year (you have to turn 25 first :tdown: even if you haven't lived at home with the parents for YEARS) and I'm super excited. I plan on selling off the rest of my non-luxury bags and a couple of other things collecting dust so that I can buy myself a really nice bag. To celebrate. I want a reporters type bag, not a laptop bag or anything, just something large enough to hold my usual items and notebooks, etc. I anticipate getting about $500 or so from my eBay sales so thats a rough estimate of how much I want to spend. I will break my usual avoidance of brown bags and say I actually want something in a caramelly brown, maybe a distressed or vintage looking leather? Im really not sure. I think a large tote would be great because the laptop bag would be over my shoulder.

    I really love the Mulberry Roxanne, but I dont think its big enough, but the color is great - like a aged whiskey. I also love the bag that Scarlett Johanssons character carries in Scoop ( I think she also carried the same bag in Match Point?), if that helps. Thoughts? I have plenty of time to weigh my options.

  2. Check out, click on USA, not Canada. Their TRIBE leather bags are really awesome. Seems like they had one called the editors bag or something. The Tribe leather is really tough, water proof. I had one and really liked it. Also the Emily bag would be good in Prince leather. It's a little lighter in weight. Roots has some awesome products, do check it out if you can.
  3. slidegirlcass, where in NJ do you live? I'm in Essex County AND I'm also a freelance journalist.

    When I was looking for a bag, someone here suggested an Ormala bag. If you go on this site:, then search under Handbags, then Work, you will find the Ormala. Mine is Whiskey; it shows up reddish on my computer but it is a nice brown color- very similar to one of the Chloe browns. It is gorgeous, well made leather, etc...

    HOWEVER, I have not used this bag, not even once. (For some reason, I cannot get the Smilies to show up, so insert Unhappy face here). I had to special order the Ormala which took about a month. I could not wait and in the meantime, I bought a Black Mulberry Bayswater. I usually use the Bayswater when I do my assignments. But I don't carry my laptop w/me. The Bayswater can become heavy.

    I'm going to sell my Ormala once I get my new camera and am able to take pictures.

    I'm going to check out the Roots bag as well.
  4. Wow. I was also a journalist (newspaper reporter and editor) for many years, and then I was the writer for the CEO of a big insurance company (his messages, speeches, the annual report).

    I just left to start my own freelance company and I've gotten several big contracts (yippee). I went to a speechwriter's conference with my AC Jetsetter Jr. and was not entirely pleased. (My laptop didn't fit quite right). I just ordered the Gaza satchel from Hayden Harnett because it LOOKS intrepid and investigative and journalist-y.

    I am also looking at the Theresa Kathryn bags with the built in laptop section.
  5. ^^^I was hoping you would chime in! I will check those out, thanks.

    JudieH - I'm in Somerset County, but unless you cover music festivals and concerts then you most likely wont ever run into me as that's mainly what I stick to...since I'm doing it in addition to my day job and soon school as well I stick to something I would be doing anyway on the weekends - going to concerts. I will def take a look at both of those bags.

    I love ROOTS! BF works in Canada a lot and tries to visit one when he can. Ill look into it!
  6. Rondafaye, good for you!! Congrats on all your new gigs!

    I mentioned in a thread that I received the Gaza by accident during one of their sales. It had way too many pockets for me. I also did not like the shape and how it felt against my body. However, I still look at it and wonder should I try it again??? LOL!
  7. I checked out the Roots site but did not see any of the bags mentioned. Maybe I'm missing something???
  8. The Roots menu is kind of small, if you look in the upper left itll say something like Roots Traditional Tribe Leather, then youll see all the bags that come that way. I thought most of them looked a little too masculine for my tastes. The Gaza did look like it had a LOT of pockets, not sure how I feel about that...

    I did look at the Ormala and its really nice, I also like the Chiara - I swear TPF turns me on to a new label at least once a day!
  9. Ah heck, I haven't been to the Roots site in a long time. Maybe they don't make them any more. I know that sometimes the individual stores have different bags from what the website has. There was one in Whistler Village last summer that I lusted for but didn't buy, figuring I could get it at the website. Ha! no can do!
  10. Ah, thanks, I finally found the Tribe Editor's Traveller. I agree, it's a man bag :smile:

    I couldn't find the Emily bag; I did a search but it didn't show up.
  11. Hmmm, the one I had wasn't a man bag. Maybe it wasn't the Editor. Darn it, I wish I could remember. The dimensions were approximately 14 x 8 x 6, with two straps that had a drop of around 11 inches.
  12. Okay, I just went to Roots. You are correct, they aren't there. Probably the closest thing would be the Lindsay bag or the Princeton bag to what I had. Yikes, I was stunned not to see any Emily bags as that was such a cute, hot bag for a while there. It's *possible* you might find something on eBay, but who the heck knows.
  13. I maybe swaying a bit off topic but I like Roots Lauren tote. It looks very roomy maybe not very reporter/journalist though. Funnily it does look almost exactly like AC city tote but I prefer the roots version.
  14. I also noticed the AC resemblance there - yet another bag on my list. Still waiting for revolve to admit theyre all getting returned and drop the price again!
  15. What about a Chloe Betty???