Journal cover help.....por favor.....

  1. So, NOW I'm thinking about a journal cover. Here's the thing. When I travel, I enjoy keeping a journal and also my itinerary, receipts, ticket stubs, etc. all in one place. And since this year will be a big travel-year for me, I'd like a nice journal cover.

    I need it to have pockets and a somewhat hard that leaves out the Ulysees.

    Any recommendations?

    And does anyone know if Veau Mirroir is a harder leather than Box calf?
  2. S'mom, hard cover issue aside, FYI the ulysse "Travel" insert has very nice pages that are actually stiff "pockets" in the back...let me know if you want pics or any other specific info on it.... that insert is $70.

    This is a new-ish insert for H, so it is also possible that there are similar inserts for other agendas with these types of pockets, which are fabulous, IMHO!
  3. I have a veau Mirroir agenda, it's very hardy but I don't know how it compares with box, so I am not much help. Does it have to be H? I get mine from B&N and I have a really 'posh' one that I got from posh that I have not used it yet! H may do them too. I shall find out when I go and pick up my bag from Alaska.
  4. ROSE.....I'm actually looking at a black Veau Mirroir one right now in 4 x 6" that I like because there are two pockets....what size is yours?

    And am I correct in thinking that Veau Mirroir has a slight sheen?
  5. ^^^ That's the same size as mine. It does have a sheen. It's been described as 'box with sheen'. I got mine from LZ.
  6. Shopmom, I saw these in NYC--these inserts are great and worth checking out if you haven't see them--I think they're only made for the mid-sized Ulysee right now, not for the larger size nor the TPM. I like them because they have little dividers for different subjects; didn't know about the pockets CB mentioned--very cool!