Joss Stones Henna Tattoo

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  2. she's getting out of control I think...Look at her hair!!!
  3. Are you sure thats not a proper one? I doesn't look like a real one I know but I don't see why it's bandaged.?
  4. that looks like the real deal to me! plus, she's in a tattoo parlor... maybe she got it drawn on to see how she likes it, but then why the bandage??

    i like it ;)
  5. i'm thinking of getting a henna tattoo on my back :yes: it will be my first tattoo ever
  6. I knew this girl who visited India and she got a henna tattoo all over her right hand and arm.. it was pretty cool looking LOL
  7. I thought henna tattoos were just drawn on?? It could be to let the ink dry so she doesn't smudge it. I hope he had gloves when he gave her that tattoo, if it's real.
  8. I like it! I love her too! Even if her hair is weird!:biggrin:
  9. 3 Cheers for Joss ! :tup: :yahoo:

    Her biggest rebellion is purple hair & a wear off tattoo

    I am so sick of the really crappy, tacky, tarty, slutty & druggy behavior of others her age - Lindsay, Paris, Britney et al :tdown:
  10. That is a henna tattoo - not a real one - the bandage is to keep the henna on longer - the longer it sets - the longer it lasts etc...

    A real tattoo would take at least a week to start looking that good ;)
  11. Ditto.