Joss Stone Looks Like Candy !

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    Joss Stone looked super-pleased with all the attention she was receiving when she hit the arrivals area at the Herve Leger show this weekend! When we stopped by the Fall 2008 show in New York, Joss strutted her stuff and got flirty with the cameras. She looks far more radiant than her purple-hair phase and could even be swapped for one of the models buzzing around Fashion Week in Manhattan this weekend.

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  3. Did she lose a bit of weight? I'm not a fan of the dress, but this is best I've seen her look in a while.

    Nice to see you back posting alot Prada!!!
  4. I like the picture where you can't see the dress at all ! :shame:
  5. wow, thts a great dress! I love love love love love love love loveeeeee Herve Leger dresses!!!!!
  6. Her body is rocking!
  7. ^ It is!

    The dress looks like a pack of Life Savers, but she looks fantastic :tup:
  8. omg so colorful~~!!!! i love all those colors!
  9. She looks FAB!! Smokin figure!
  10. Thats a very colourful dress alright! She looks cute.

  11. Thank you wordpast. Its good to be back.:shame::heart:
  12. She has def got the figure to carry off a dress like that, but with all those colors I think she needed to be more put together, the casual cardigan she is wearing doesnt make the look work imo.
  13. Not loving the dress, but she looks fit.
  14. Me too! :p
  15. Reminds me of a dress Lindsay Lohan wore that I saw in a photo.