JOSIE MARAN Pure Argan Milk™ Intensive Hydrating Treatment

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    What this is:
    A 100 percent natural, emulsifier-free, hydrating treatment serum featuring powerful antiaging benefits and a blend of microdroplets of 100% Pure Argan Oil suspended in purified water, allowing the skin-saving benefits of Argan Oil to deeply nourish the skin.

    I had another thread on this forum ranting about the Josie Maran pure argan oil. I did not like that on my face, but since that thread, I have used the argan oil for my neck and hands every night. I realized that there is something wonderful about pure ingredients for your skin. I was intrigued. Logic tells me that if I'm eating healthy natural foods, I should look at pure ingredients for my face. Then my search for face oils in lieu of nighttime moisturizers began. I have acquired quite a few oils since then. And in came the Milk product that I have been using as base hydration after face wash.

    So about the Josie Maran Milk product:
    I use a few drops of this every other night, switching up between a Kiel's oil and other oils for night treatment. This does not feel like oil, but more like milky lotion. It absorbs quickly and I wake up with such soft feeling skin. I have acne prone and normal/oily skin and also have some dry patches and redness. Milk helped even out my skin texture and tone. As mentioned above, i use this after i wash my face at night and apply a thin layer of face oil on top of it. Prone to acnes was why I stayed away from face oils and if you want to try face oil, i highly recommend the Milk.

    Sure, critics have said this is a watered down version of the real thing... The argan oil. It may be so, but i think the milky version is the true hybrid for someone who loves the feel of a moisturizer without the heavy feeling of oil. The cost is $56, more costly than the pure argan oils that give you .7 ounce more for $10 less.

    Definitely would recommend this product!

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  2. Milky oil... Light and hydrating, but looks and feels creamy and luxurious.

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  3. I bought the Josie Maran Intensive Hand - with whipped Argan Oil. It was a set of - I think there were 5 small tubes - 1 fl oz each. I bought them on QVC - supposedly a deal but a waste of money for me. It did nothing - I have other hand lotions that are much better so I won't be buying Josie Maran again. I was disappointed!
  4. I am glad to hear you like the milk. I keep trying to talk myself into buying this. I did buy the oil cleanser from her. I am not convinced I love it though. I put the regular jose argan oil in my creams at night. Seems to help also. I want to try milk too.
  5. Ok I finally bought the milk. I like it alot for morning under makeup. Seems very light for night time use.
  6. Glad you like it. I found it to be rich for the morning skincare so I use it every night. Still loved this stuff. I'm almost empty with the jar in the picture above, and it's a pain trying to get the last few drops in the bottle.
  7. Love this product. Have been using it for about a month, definitely notice a difference.
  8. Josie Maran has been my current obsession. I can't live without her whipped argan oil body butter. It makes my skin beyond smooth and hydrates like no other.
  9. After reading this thread I went to Sephora and got a sample of this milk. For the longest time I thought I had oily skin but after much research and examining my face and using products for oily skin, my face is actually and has become super dry. On top of that I've apply prescription acne cream which has given me dry patches where I used the cream. Now the pimples are gone but the dry patches are still there. This milk fully absorbed into my skin, no greasy feeling and really hydrated my skin. I don't feel I have that pulling sensation. Highly recommended!