Josie Maran Argan Oil

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    I have 2 products to share.

    1. The pure oil:
    What it is: A lightweight oil that can be used as a daily moisturizer or treatment for skin, hair, and nails.

    This is ANYTHING BUT lightweight. It's OIL! It's OILY for normal to oily and acne prone skin types. I heard good things, so I bought it and used a drop on my face. It was the worst mistake ever. It left me shiny and left me feeling greasy all day. I truly thought my makeup was going to drip down my face. Someone described it as lightweight and "serum" like. NO! It's oil. I have normal skin, and broke out almost instantly after applying this on my face. I think this oil would be good to use on hard and coarse part of your body, maybe like legs or elbow.

    2. Hair Serum.

    What it is:
    An anti-frizz treatment that creates exceptional shine.

    I bought this because Sephora does not carry my ultimate favorite, Moroccan Oil, so I decided to try it. It doesn't feel as luxurious or soft on my hair as the Moroccan Oil product. It relieved the frizz from my hair, but I didn't see shine and my hair just fell flat.

    I would strongly recommend getting a sample before you try any of the Josie Maran product to really see if you like it or not.
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    It is best used sparingly at night. Did you only use one tiny drop? The way you describe sounds like you used too much. It's also not a good idea to put oil under makeup. And it IS a lightweight oil *compared to* other oils. You are saying "it's oil" as if it is a big surprise to you. The product does clearly state that it is oil, so I'm not sure why you are making such a big deal of this fact lol. If it's not for you, then it's not for you, though.

    I do own this, and yes, it is an oil. It moisturizes nicely and when used at night in one or two drops alone or as a serum, it absorbs well and gives the face a glowing appearance. I don't prefer it under makeup, though.
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    I did use a small drop with a small dose of day moisturizer and it was really still too oily for me. Someone here on tPF did mention how great it was even if you have oily skin type because it aborbs in your skin well. They said it was not heavy like olive oil and more like "serum".

    When I read how lightweight it was, even if it was "oil", I had to try it cuz I'm a sucker for good moisturizer. Lightweight or not, to me, it applied like oil and stayed on my face like oil. I have normal skin type btw. I will keep it though and use it on my arms and legs and hands for the winter months. And yes, I would not recommend using under makeup.

    I'm making a big deal out of this, cuz I'm free to rant here with my personal product experience... No?
  4. Of course you're free to, but it's also important to be accurate about the product. It is a light weight oil compared to other heavier oils. But it still is an oil, so that is why it applies "like oil."The packaging is not trying to mislead anyone, but you make it sound like it is in your angry rant.

    Everyone's skin is different, so what works for some may not work for others.

    Maybe look into rosehip oil because that is a pretty light oil if you are looking for something lighter, or just avoid oils all together if your skin cannot absorb it well.
  5. The accuracy of the product is my experience using this product. As you have said, everyone's skin is different. And just because I am ranting about this product, you are saying I'm not being accurate?

    Secondly, Angry rant? Where do you see angry rant in my original post?

    And lastly, if you disagree with my review, don't comment and please move on. Don't write that i'm not posting something accurate or I'm posting angry rants.
  6. Lol ok no worries. I can disagree as I see fit if you can post what you want. But when you use all caps to shout NO! It's OIL! It doesn't sound very warm and content. That's just how I read it. I don't think you quite get my point in that their product description is comparative to other oils, but it's still an oil if that makes sense. You just made it sound like the product was claiming to be something other than an oil in your wording, which would be inaccurate in your own review. Maybe you misunderstood the comparisons. Anyway, cheers and hope you find a moisturizer that you will be happy with.
  7. When I am posting "NO it's OIL", I'm not directing this at a person. When you post that I have an "Angry Rant", that is a direct criticism towards my post.
  8. Ok, well, I disagree. Lets just leave it at that.
  9. personally i adore using oils for my skin, which tends to lean a bit dry. i've tried josie maran and a few other brands (rodin, sunday riley, small niche lines like the discontinued elizabeth dehn line), and josie's was my least favorite. it absorbed the least well, so i ended up using it on my body, and that was fine.

    i've also tried moroccan oil for hair, and i agree that i think it seemed to give my dry hair more shine. however, it does contain silicones (to make your hair shiny) while i believe the josie maran oil is pure oil. given this, it would make sense that moroccan oil would have made your hair shinier than the maran oil.

    and despite my love for oil, i don't like using it under makeup either. unless i mix it with a moisturizer, using the oil by itself makes makeup application difficult, such as blushes. if you want a bit of a glow after doing your makeup, oils are great for that purpose. warm up a bit between your fingers and pat in, sort of like a luminizer.

    all in all oils can be tricky! for some people it can be instant love (like me), while for others it takes some experimentation to get it to work for them, and some still won't like it no matter what. everyone's different, and products work for everyone differently.
  10. I agree completely with OP's assesment of this product. I received a small sample size at Sephora a while ago as part of their rewards program and was really excited to try it since I had read so many raves about it. While it is lighter weight than compared to olive oil it is definitely not a serum weight. I was also glad I applied this at night because my which was parchment dry at the time did not absorb this product. At all. It just sat there until I hit the sheets. Then it just rubbed onto my pillow case. I also did not see the effects it claimed it has on hair. I applied this to wet as well as dry hair with absolutely no difference. Or effect. While I would have loved to jump on the bandwagon of Josie Maran Organic Argan Oil, alas this is not for me. I have, however used Dr. Hauschka's Normalizing Oil since then because my skin has turned oily due to hormonal changes and would use that oil again.
  11. I have pretty dry skin and I and a big fan of oils for the skin. However this oil did not rock my world. I actually prefer grapeseed oil, I use grapseed oil to remove my make up. I would also not recommend using a oil under make up since oils breaks up oils it can destroy your make up. I think for the face this is best used at night or on a no make up day- if you have skin that reacts well to oil.

    Just a suggestion for the OP my fav fav moisturizer is made by embryolisse. Its noted for performing very well under make up. Google it for reviews, it's difficult to find a bad one.
  12. I occasionally use argan oil at night before moisturizer. I agree that it's definitely not something you want to use during the day under makeup even with my dry skin.
  13. I use the Josie Maran oil on my skin over moisturizer if I am not wearing makeup. It's getting cold here as we move into the fall season, and just moisturizer is not enough for me (I'm mid-30s now).

    I use Biotin at night religiously. I far prefer the price & I find it has a better effect. I don't think I'd buy the JM oil again due to the price, but I'm going to use it up for now.
  14. Buying the oil is a jip; it's pure cold pressed argan oil that you can find legit internet suppliers that will sell it to you for half the price. My mother bought a 2-3 gallon bucket and sells a 2 oz. for $20. while josie's is 1.7 and $48! I'm sure you can find great prices if you look.
  15. I love Jose Maran's argan oil. I use it under makeup, no problem. I use it at night and it definitely hydrates my combination skin, and doesn't leave it feeling greasy at all. In the morning I wake up with dewy, glowy skin. It also heals up any pimples that pop up pretty quickly. I don't wear a ton of makeup, just a bit of concealer and powder, but otherwise would not stop using this product.