Josie flats

  1. Hey, everyone! I'm new to shoes but have a big question! I'm looking for black flats and it's between the Josie flats or Jilly travel flats. I have a boutique that I can call to order the Jilly flats but I wondered if anyone can tell me if they've seen the Josie flats in black signature on sale anywhere? There are quite a few on eBay so I thought either there's lots of fake Josie flats on eBay or there's been a recent sale somewhere! Thanks for any help you can give me!
  2. most stores are sold out
  3. Thanks, Kat! I assume that means they're comfy? I hope!
  4. I got 3 pairs of Josie flats when they were on sale at the Coach Boutique last month. I find them to be very comfy as long as I have heel pads in them. If i don't have heel pads in my Coach flats, the back of my heels get blisters.
  5. Josie flats were on sale all over the place, Parisian, Macy's, and Coach. I bought 4 for myself, and 3 for my daughter. You might want to call your local boutique, there may still be some in some of the stores.
  6. Thank you, toto!! Do you mind me asking what the sale price was?
  7. tlloveshim, I got mine for $69 a pair
  8. Most of the shoes on eBay aren't fake. I buy a lot of my coach shoes on ebay so if you need help finding good sellers or to ask about authenticity feel free to pm me anytime. :smile:

    ETA: I have the Josie flats and they are awesome! Get them true to size, also.
  9. I got a pair of josie flats at the boutique on sale- w/ pce they were like 55 bucks. the black ones are so cute!
  10. Ok, I think I'm in the minority here. I bought & returned the Josie flats, b/c although they were adorable (& on sale) the really hurt my feet. :sad: The heels rubbed & I even had some trouble on the top of my foot near the base of my toes. I bought the Jilly flats & although I've only worn them around the house (weather hasn't cooperated) IMO, they are 10x more comfy than the Josie.

    Just my $0.02, though!
  11. The ones at Parisian were about a month ago, and ended up being something like 55/pair. I bought two pair of blue ones at the boutique for 69 each (that was when the outlet PCE was going on, and they wouldn't give me the discount), and then a final pair of black with the PCE, which brought them to about 52 or so. I was glad I didn't wait on the blue ones, though, because those sold out before this last PCE took effect. I also got a pair of the Ladie flats in black leather for 81. Shoooooooooes.