Josh Hartnett Shares His Split Story .....

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    "It was difficult spending so much time apart with all our different commitments and both of us flying all over the world.

    "At the end of the day we're just ordinary people and it didn't work."

    Those were the most unexpected statement I want to hear from this guy...


    source: - The Latest Updates
  2. aaawww... i LOVE him :love:
  3. I take it he's talking about Scarlett? He's adorable. I love him. I read he's been with Sienna lately.
  4. Meh, rhetoric. It was probably more like she got mad at him for always leaving the toilet seat up, he was angry she was such a huge flirt, he couldn't trust her. He didn't spend enough time with her, and anyways there are better looking hollywood guys.

    They always make it seem so innocent when in reality half the time I'm sure there was much yelling and screaming.
  5. I've always love this guy....he seems like such a sweety.
  6. Who is he talking about? Are we assuming Scarlett Johanssen?
  7. #1 crush :love:.I think he's a sweety..
  8. He... broke up with Scarlett?