Josh Groban?

  1. Anybody like Josh Groban? He's got a new song on his website and a new single coming out, which means a new cd soon! Yay!

    Pretty much I'm going to marry him.

    You're all invited, as long as you're all wearing fabulous bags to the reception!
  2. LMAO! OMG..PHH is mortified that I love Josh Grobans songs..theyve been banned from our house..I used to listen ti his CD in the car!!!!HA!HA!
    I think he is SUPER talented.
  3. I lurve Josh Groban too. But he is like a guilty pleasure, ppl love making fun of me when I tell them I love Josh! :sad:
  4. I like his voice.
    You lift me up..... LOL
  5. Gayle (Oprah's BFF) is obsessed with him too!
  6. i :heart: Josh Groban. his voice makes me swoon:girlsigh::tender:
  7. love his singing.. he is really good.. i have two cd's of his recordings.
  8. Josh Groban's :heart:"To Where You Are" is my favourite:heart::love::girlsigh::tender:
  9. not a fan