Josh Groban!!!!

  1. ok so im a grobanite :smile:

    i just got some tickets yesterday (such short minute-considering it's next Monday) & i'm so excited. i'm going with my dear boyfriend :smile:

    i'm so excited & i cannot hide it!!
    *does happy nakie dance*

    anyone else going? or a josh groban fan? :heart: cause i am!!! *points at me*
  2. wooo hoo Congrats! My BF had tickets to the Boston concert, but our schedules were too hectic, and I couldnt get up there to see it.. so we sold them.. :sad:

    I LOVE Josh Groban though.. him and Michael Buble... ;)
  3. Congrats :biggrin: wishing you a fun time!!! :yahoo:
  4. Congrats!:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:
  5. AWE..I ADORE one of his songs...HAVE FUN!
  6. I love Josh! Love his voice! I have two of his albums. I tend to listen to them especially in the Christmas time, somehow fits the mood.

    Congrats on the tickets!
  7. Have a great time... I love is voice.
  8. My brother is a singer and initially he sang josh groban stuff and drew insiration from him, so thats where I hfirst heard of groban, through my bro. If you love josh groban download "the prayer", by anthony callea, IMO while I ADORE josh and his voice I think noone to date has sung it like anthony callea, but it's all about who you heard sang it first, I heard josh and charlotte sing it first but still I love callea's version better. He is an australian singer, AMAZING voice. But yes we all LOVE josh and might go see him soon! Have fun. Does your BF like him?
  9. Yeppers! I am going to the Houston show this month! WHOO HOO! Loves him!

    Wow, you did get tix late. I just checked and DH purchased ours in November!
  10. Love Josh Groban! Have a great time at the concert..
  11. thank you all!

    i enjoy michael buble as well!

    btw my bf looks like josh :heart:33 lol

  12. whoa!!! lucky you!!! :love:
  13. I bought my best friend tickets to his concert for Christmas. The concert is on the 22nd. I'm anxious to hear your review of the concert so I can get my friend excited all over again! Have a great time!
  14. Saw him on Ally McBeal 4 years ago and fell in love. His voice is amazing!